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Warp Warp+ Di naba makaconnect eto solusyon 😁

skusta breez

Oct 25, 2017
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Materials Needed πŸ˜‚

-2 sim
-Sim 1 (may load)
-Sim 2 (Walang load)

Step 1: Punta kayo sa setting then gamitin nyo yung sim 1 nyo na may load then buksan ang data

Step 2: Buksan si Warp+ then i connect para mag connected gamit ang yung sim na may load

Step 3: Pag nag connected i disconnected then alt+tab

Step 4: Pag na alt+tab nyo na wag nyong alisin si Warp+ na nakabukas hayaan nyo lang then balik kayo sa setting

Step 5: Palitan nyo naman yung data nyo gawin nyong Sim 2 na bali yung Sim 2 nyo walang load

Step 6: Lipat nyo sa Sim 2 yung Data connection diba

Step 7: Balik naman kayo ngayon kay Warp+

Step 8: Pag balik nyo i connect nyo ulit then BOOM! 😍 Enjoy


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