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Shadowsocks Tutorial VPS Ubuntu 18.04 Create Your Own SSR Server


Nov 5, 2015
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Hi guys im back !

I want you to met alibaba cloud service.
Na try ko using my gcash virtual card at inaccept ang free trial for one month. Need lang may equivalent na 1$ to your account for verifying. After ma verify ibabalik din ung amount kaya free talaga siya.


Step 1
Mag create ng account kay alibaba cloud.
Mag lagay ng valid email at number at iverify.
Add payment method like i said gcash amex is accepted as long as may laman siya for verifying.

Step 2
Pag walang aberya sa first step. May lalabas na button saying "Free Trial". Click mo lang.
Ifoforward ka niya sa website nila and choices ng type ng elastic computing na pwede mo iavail for free.
Piliin mo na ung pinaka mataas which is 2 core 4 gb ram.
Pag click mo, pindutin mo ung button na Try now.
After mo pindutin yung try now either mag eerror ung website or ibabato ka sa console. Pag ng error click mo lang ung console icon sa taas.

*compare sa ibang vps na alam natin mababa siya kung titignan pero ang speed ng transfer neto is 30mbps.

Next dito na tayo sa madugong part.

Step 3
Dito ka ibabato ng console for my example singapore ang pinili ko na country.
After makapunta dito click mo ung instances.
After mo makapasok ng instances. Toggle the box then reset password. (this is to reset the root password)
Follow the instruction lang sa pag reset ng password then move na tayo sa next step.
Click ung link ng instance mo then sa loob non click connect to access the interface.

After mo mag connect lista mo lang sa notepad yung ecs password then proceed kana.
type "root" then enter
password is ung nireset natin kanina na password na ikaw ang may alam. then enter

after ma access proceed na tayo sa scripts.

Update existing packages:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

Install on your server the prerequisite packages for ShadowsocksR:

sudo apt install wget zip unzip python-m2crypto libsodium23

We are going to install ShadowsocksR into our /usr/local directory, so change into that directory:

cd /usr/local

Get the source either from Github:

sudo wget You must register or login to view this.

Check the integrity of the downloaded zip file with the sha256sum command:

sha256sum manyuser.zip

The SHA256 checksum should match the value stated at the beginning of this post.

Unzip the download:

sudo unzip manyuser.zip

Rename the extracted directory:

sudo mv shadowsocksr-manyuser shadowsocksr

Change into the extracted directory:

cd shadowsocksr

Create the initial ShadowsocksR configuration file:

sudo bash initcfg.sh

Edit the ShadowsocksR configuration file:

sudo vi user-config.json

Ito example ko for sun tu/.ctc . Press the i key on your computer keyboard to enter insert mode. then paste to. sa alibaba walang rekta paste so you need to paste it sa enter copy commands na button sa VNC. (paste + ok)

"server": "",
"server_ipv6": "::",
"server_port": 443,
"local_address": "",
"local_port": 1080,
"password": "ikaw na bahal sa password",
"method": "aes-256-cfb",
"protocol": "origin",
"protocol_param": "",
"obfs": "tls1.2_ticket_auth",
"obfs_param": "",
"speed_limit_per_con": 0,
"speed_limit_per_user": 0,
"additional_ports" : {},
"additional_ports_only" : false,
"timeout": 120,
"udp_timeout": 60,
"dns_ipv6": false,
"connect_verbose_info": 0,
"redirect": "*:443#",
"fast_open": false

Press Esc on your computer keyboard to escape from insert mode. Type :wq and press Enter to write the file to disk and quit the editor.

Now para sa finale, activate na ssr services for your ubuntu with this scripts.

create the systemd service file for SSR:

sudo vi /etc/systemd/system/shadowsocksr.service

Press the i key to enter insert mode. Insert contents as follows:

Description=ShadowsocksR server

ExecStart=/usr/bin/python /usr/local/shadowsocksr/shadowsocks/server.py --pid-file /var/run/shadowsocksr.pid -c /usr/local/shadowsocksr/user-config.json -d start
ExecStop=/usr/bin/python /usr/local/shadowsocksr/shadowsocks/server.py --pid-file /var/run/shadowsocksr.pid -c /usr/local/shadowsocksr/user-config.json -d stop
ExecReload=/bin/kill -HUP $MAINPID


Press Esc to get out of insert mode, then type :wq and press Enter to write the file out and quit the editor.

Make SSR start on reboot, and also start it now:

sudo systemctl enable shadowsocksr

sudo systemctl start shadowsocksr

Check that ShadowsocksR is active (running):

sudo systemctl status shadowsocksr

Then after checking na active na siya. Follow this steps. Makikita mo to dun sa interface na pinasok natin kanina.
Click security groups.
Click add rules.
Delete the default rule and create a new one with this setup same for outbound or inbound. (pwede mo rin i open ung port 443 lang if gusto mo)
Then click save. Restart the ecs.
BTW ung ip ng ssr mo is ito.
manually setup sa ssr. with port 443, password na sinetup mo for ssr. then aes-256-cfb, origin, tls1.2_ticket_auth, then for payload viber base.

Mahaba ung tutorial pero worth it if gusto mo mag ka solo ssr. for your self.

Feedback lang sapat na.

Proof nga pala nung sinasabi ko na speed.
mabagal pa sun sa area ko pano pa kaya kung malakas.


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