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Tutorial Monetize Your Mobile PhoneGap Apps Using AdMob Ads 2019


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Feb 23, 2019
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Monetize Your Mobile PhoneGap Apps Using AdMob Ads 2019📲


This course will show you how to create a simple PhoneGap App using Onsen UI framework and then to insert AdMob ads into it. You will learn how to create test ads using the test ad units that Google provides, and create buttons to test them, and also how to build apk files using Adobe’s phonegap build. Then, you will learn how to create keystores and sign your apk file and how to use live ads for publishing your app to the Google Play Store.

I created this course because there is no one single place on the Internet that taught me how to add AdMob into a PhoneGap app. I had to piece it together painstakingly from bits and pieces all over the place. PhoneGap is such a common platform for building apps yet no one has taken the trouble to write a guide or write a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it. Trying to get AdMob onto your PhoneGap app was such a häçkish activity that it tends to put many people off. So, I decided to put together all my notes into a neat little course so as to document what I had done and also hopefully to help people out there who are facing the same problems.

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