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Tutorial Garena Free Fire 1.39 v11 PINK BODIES MOD (TARA NA MAG RANK!)


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Nov 17, 2014
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🔺Works In Classic/Rank
🔺Pink Bodies
🔺Broken Trees
🔺No Fog
🔺Smg Damage++
(MP40,P90) & Rank
🔺MP40 Rank Special + FireRate++
🔺AR Guns Less Recoil
+ Rank Damage++
🔺HeadShots Increased
🔺ShotGun Maximum Damage & Fire Rate
🔺Slow Down Enemies Attack
🔺80% Less Chance Of Headshots By Enemies
🔺Ak47 HeadShots Chances
🔺Less Damage Inside Shrinking Increased
🔺Less Damage Inside Car
🔺Ak47 Aim Stuck On Monster Truck
🔺M4a1 AutoAim ++
🔺Use Bipod (Also Forgrip But Still Bipod)
🔺Use Precise On Scope
🔺General, Reddot, 2x, 4x, Settings Updated
🔺90% Less Recoil (Recommend M4a1,Scar, Ak47)
🔺90% Less Spray For Spas And M1014
🔺Use Biopd While Running
🔺Use Bipod Instead Of Forgrip Level 3
🔺Use Bipod For Less Recoil
🔺Use Bipod While Moving / Walking
🔺Use Bipod While Sitting/Standing
🔺Ak47 Less Recoil/Spray (BIPOD)
🔺M4a1 Less Recoil/Spray (BIPOD)
🔺MP40 Damage++ AutoAim (Bipod)
🔺AutoAim Works With 2x Scope (Fire & Leave) Don't Use 2x SCOPE For Zoom In And Zoom Out.. Use General Red Dot.
🔺High AimAssists
🔺HeadShots Aim Improved
🔺ShotGun M1014 Maximum Damage++
🔺Bag Capacity 40%
🔺Less Damage Inside Shrink
🔺Vest Armour 60%
🔺Facebook/Vk Login Works
🔺Full AntiBan Just Delete Within 24 Hours
🔺Much More New Features Coming Soon..!

Download mo yung APK.
Assuming na meron ka nang existing Freefire na app: Open mo yung file explorer ng CP mo ( In my case ES file explorer ) then navigate go /android/data/ rename mo yung com.dts.freefireth to kahit anong gusto mo tapos go to android/obb/ delete mo yung com.dts.freefireth. Tapos uninstall mo yung ORIGINAL/EXISTING Freefire app mo then saka mo install yung MODDED APK then decompress mo yung OBB.zip extra mo sa android/obb yung laman. After nun rename mo na ung pabalik yung folder na com.dts.freefireth na nasa android/data/. Start mo na yung game.

Spoiler contents only visible to Established Member.

Spoiler contents only visible to Established Member.