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Tutorial ang bilis 4.5G signal tutorial 100% working mga tropa


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Jul 31, 2016
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How to 4.5G Signal For Oppo User ewan ko lang kung gagana sa ibang brand pero itry nyo na din wala naman masama kung susubukan.

Ok so uumpisahan na natin..

Una Punta kayo sa: Settings

Sunod hanapin nyo yung: Language & Input

Pag nakita nyo na: Click Region

Palitan nyo ung region: Diba naka phillipines yan palitan nyo ng Turkey Region..kung wrong section ako pasensya na tagal ko na din hindi nakakapag post dito limot ko na. hehe.

Please be informed that 4G+ and 4.5G is only available in America Regions.

Changing you language to Turkish does not boost you internet connection or having 4.5G internet speed.
Bottomline is if your device only offers 4G speeds even if you change it to 4.5G it will always be running at 4G speed becuase your device can only handle 4G connection.

difference between 4.5G and 4G+:
Internet 4G+ and 4.5G

The 4G + is the 4G with the feature allowing simultaneous connection to more than one frequency or range of spectrum. There in the United States it is called the LTE Advanced.

The 4.5G , which is currently being sold in America, is what the Americans call LTE-Advanced-Pro, an improved version of 4G +. This network exceeds 100 Mb / s.

source: You must register or login to view this.

so please avoid spreading wrong information or rumors as it mislead people from differentiating 4G, 4.5G and 4G+.

Draft please close this thread