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South Korea is nearing the crisis of national bankruptcy.


Jun 30, 2018
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President Moon Jae In to implement the same welfare as Obama Care.

Do you know that? The fertility rate in Korea is 0%, and the ratio of youth and middle age is probably 20~30.%
. Also, South Korean elderly people account for more than 50% of the Korean population.

What is Obama Care?
The central government will pay some of the public health services to ensure that all citizens receive health care.

But almost all South Korean companies bypass the law to bypass embezzlement and tax payments.

But because someone has to pay taxes, a young man in the proletariat has to pay more taxes.
These taxes create more than 50% of the elderly welfare for public health services.

A fatal drawback

1. All of our daily necessities and household appliances are expensive.
But it will be more expensive in the future.
This is for sure !!
And medical insurance premiums rise greatly.

2. Workers are forced to live the same life as slaves, and unions do not protect workers.
Because companies pay high taxes
We want to exploit workers and create the best profit.
This is called unethical management.

Is there a job in the Philippines that can accept immigrants in South Korea? We are scary!

I think that there is a Korean residential area in the Philippines.


So a Japanese calls a South Korean man as a robot.
Because the face is always the same as a nice and beautiful biomechanical robot.

Do I have a job in the Philippines? Should I learn Hindi?
Not Man,
Fix the people.

Some strange person changed the people word of translation software to Man.