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Trivia Facebook lawyer says you don’t actually have any privacy on the site


Apr 6, 2017
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“There is no invasion of privacy at all, because there is no privacy,” Snyder said while trying to convince U.S. District Court Judge Vince Chhabria toss out the lawsuit. Snyder argued that users had given consent to share their data with third parties.
“You have to closely guard something to have a reasonable expectation of privacy,” he said.
Facebook has dealt with multiple scandals over its handling of user data during the past year, including You must register or login to view this.. At the same time, Facebook’s massive size and essential monopoly over social media (the company owns both Instagram and messaging service
The company is in a tricky position because privacy isn’t profitable. The more data the social network has about you, your interests, your behavior, and your family, the more it can use that data to help advertisers target you.
You and your data are essentially the product on both Facebook and Instagram — that’s why Facebook You must register or login to view this.. Facebook (and Zuckerberg) know that, but it’s not good public relations for them to admit it. Except when they’re in court, fighting off a lawsuit.

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Kung may sariling social media lang din sana ang Pilipinas para maprotektahan yung privacy natin sa ibang bansa at di na tayo aasa kay facebook.


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Lupit talaga mag isip ang mga lawyer. Tama nga namang "wala naman invision of privacy na nangyayari kasi ala namang talagang privacy sa una palang"