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ovpn [OVPN_Free] Gowatch for IOS, Android and PC [UPDATED:7.4.19]

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Jun 24, 2013
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Openvpn muna tayo..
Bihira na lang ako mag post but share ko na lang muna itong isa para senyo. Marami parin naghahanap ng ovpn para sa ios so ito try nyo na lang as sample. (y) 😇
NOTE: May issue ngayon ang globe na hindi nakoconsume una ang gowatch kahit sa anung config.. naexperience ko ito today(7.5.19) 3times sya even nag cdc na ko gamit ang mga gowatch config.
Ang solution, palitan nyo ang APN nyo ng
http.globe.com.ph instead na "internet" at ayun 1st consume na ulit ang GW.

[STABLE] V.3 Global SGM27 [Reconfigured for PC: 07/04/19]
Server hosting provider ⬇[Daily account]⬇
Server Torrent (P2P) ⬇[Disabled]⬇

Spoiler contents only visible to Established Member.

**Digital Ocean Server - Updating... [7/13/19]
**OVH Server - Updating... [7/13/19]
**Linode Server - Updating... [7/13/19]

Server Torrent(P2P) ⬇[Enabled]⬇
Japan server
Singapore server
Hongkong server
USA server
Netherlands server

Download speed may depend on the seed of your torrent, signal frequency and your location

Spoiler contents only visible to Established Member.
Changed log: 7/4/19
-Added JP, HK, USA, SG, NL server OVPN --Torrent (P2P) Capable servers.
-Expiry: 04 January 2020

*if gagamitin nyo Openvpn Connect IOS&Android, 1 click na sya no need ask for certificate and credentials. 👌
*[THIS IS FOR V3.GLOBAL_SGM27 CONFIG] if gagamitin nyo ang Openvpn for Android,
i-check nyo yun "OpenVpn 3 core" under sa SETTINGS tab para mag sequence completed.

*If gagamiting nyo ang P2P config for Mobile, WAG na checkan. openvpn 2.xx lang pede na.
(No Spoon feed please!)
* if gagamitin nyo naman sa PC, ang v3.global_sgm27 config lang po muna ang pede.
Yun P2P server config works sa mobile. Sa PC need i reconfigure ang config file.. gagawin ko ulit para import and save na lang gagawin..

Kung may mga katanungan kayo, just leave a comment.


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Working naman.. gang ngayon..

kung IOS once madownload nyo yun file, open as opvnconnect ang piliin nyo kasi sa ios di nag istore sa phone. Deretcho na sa app.

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