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Cheat Tools Undetected : DevsX ROS Cheat Loader 5/18/2019 + Tips according report


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Mar 30, 2016
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» Use Your Dummy Account First.
» I am not responsible if your account got - Banned, Suspended etc.
» Use Arrows to enable or disable häçk. Press Insert for hide/show menu.
» Use At Your Own Risk.(C)Mmhäçkers.ga
» Kill too much.

Feature häçk

ESP Distance
ESP Line
ESP Shader
Aim Target
Supported OS: Win 7, 8, 8.1 ,10

Proof ingame by owner 613543

Date Uploaded

2019-05-21 15:38:05

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How to use :
Clean first your Prefetch,Temp, and %Temp%

Download first the file and extract it.
Run as admin the loader and activate it.
Virus scan(False detection 1/15)

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According sa mga report mo, ganto lang ginagawa ko pag may nagrereport sakin open mo si D:\ros\Documents may makikita ka doon na gm_command_24325153.jpeg(basta gm_command ang nakalagay) delete mo lagi yan every game kaya lagi mo iistambay yung windows explorer mo pati yung mga log files like... chat history, chat meta, market point . isa pang tip ilang bese na ako na banned sa mga dummy account syempre nadamay din yung main account ko (pero tanggap ko na pagkawala nya ilang beses na XD) ang gawin mo pag maglologin ka cleardata login ka tas isang account lang ang nakalogin which is yung ipanggagamit mo. yan lang yung maitutulong para sa mga nagrereport sayo

Wag din pala kayo magddouble cheat kase nakakaban XD
Yun lang yung natatandaan ko eedit ko nalang pag kulang ulit

FeedBack po yung nakapag try ng cheat


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Updated !!!5/18/19 fix na yung server ni sir DevsX follow lang yung instruction para iwas ban hehehe keep safe

Proof of cheat

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