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Android App Tunnelcat vpn - feedback thread


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May 25, 2018
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TunnelCat is a free VPN client that helps you bypass internet censorship. This tunnel your data through DNS, SSL and HTTP tunnelling methods powered by OpenVPN.


Support the application development by not disabling ads or by donating.
Do you want to contribute something to the application UI? Let us talk!
Visit the TunnelCat VPN website here: You must register or login to view this.
Direct Download
Bleeding Edge Releases:
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Playstore link:
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Please uninstall the beta (0.3.2beta) version when installing the stable version (1.0stable) of the app or else the will crash on startup
Version 1.1.2stable
[HTTP Tunnelling Method]
Updated tc_http to version 0.6
Fixed proxy connection closed
Back injection fixed
Added more support for HTTP headers

[DNS Tunnelling Method]
Updated tc_dns to version 0.2
Increased data buffer size

Fixed some ANRs
OpenVPN service optimized

Version 1.1.1stable:
Fixed UI and upgrade crash

Version 1.1stable:
Halloween Edition!
Added push notification
Added Tor Tunneling Method
Minor Code Optimization

Version 1.0stable:
First stable release
Fixed compatibility with lower android version
Fully implemented design

Version 0.3.2beta:
On connect crash fixed

Version 0.3.1beta:
Please clear data when upgrading from the previous version
Fixed Connect Activity UI
New Application User Interface!
Partially Implemented UI Design so expect some UI bugs
Using the previous version (0.3.0beta) may not work

New Features:
SSL, HTTP and DNS tunnelling methods
Configuration File Import
Server Configuration Repository

Version 0.2.1beta:
Added new servers!
Fixed some issue regarding browsing.

Version 0.2.0beta:
First beta release
I recommend that you get the app on Playstore for a lot of reasons.

If you share this app make sure you share the Playstore link. Salamat!

TunnelCat VPN vs. other VPN
1. Fully Configurable VPN
2. Has different tunneling methods
3. Much stable
4. Voluntary Servers
5. Server Repositories (Custom Server List)
6. User Friendly
7. Import Payload
8. Official servers are load balanced
9. Powered by OpenVPN
10. Free

Direct Method -> OpenVPN:
The direct method only uses the OpenVPN protocol and does not use any tunnelling method such as HTTP, DNS or SSL

DNS Tunneling Method -> OpenVPN over DNS:
Note that the DNS method uses a very slow tunnelling method. The payload setting can be set into a custom DNS IP with this format:

DNS payload format:
SSL Tunneling Method -> OpenVPN over SSL:
If you chose the SSL tunnelling method you can set the SNI through the payload setting with this format:
SSL payload format:
HTTP Tunneling Method -> OpenVPN over HTTP:
The HTTP tunnelling method payload setting uses the same syntax as HTTP Injector. You can generate through it then use it for this app
HTTP Syntax Format:
for manual payload setting syntax you can visit the documentation of the app here:
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Payload Setting for HTTP example:
CONNECT [host_port] [protocol][crlf][crlf]
Repository URL:
The repository contains server list and configuration that application can use, you can create your own repo once the API for the voluntary server is online.

Importing .tcat (TunnelCat Payload Configuration):
.tcat files contain payload preset which is locked by default

Important Notes:
Once the Payload Settings is detected empty the default direct method will be used

Online TunnelCat Payload Generator (this generates .tcat file):
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TunnelCat configuration files are locked by default
Important information:
Spoiler contents only visible to Established Member.

VPN Benchmarks:
DNS Tunneling Method:
1mbit maximum speed (Download and Upload) on Speedtest
~90ms ping on some online games.

HTTP Tunneling Method:
40mbits maximum speed (Download and Upload) on Speedtest
~50ms ping on some online games.

SSL Tunneling Method:
32mbits maximum speed (Download and Upload) on Speedtest
~50ms ping on some online games.
Reporting a bug:
Phone Model: Samsung S7 Edge
Android Version: Lineage OS 15.1
Summary: The app does not respond after I clicked connect
(Please include an image)
Check out the Applications Telegram Channel:
Ugaliing mag-basa nang mga nasa baba ^_^

Bakit mabagal?
If you are using the DNS tunneling method the connection will be around 1mbit up/dl and wala na po akong magagawa para mas mapabilis yan. Change nalang tayo into faster method like SSL or HTTP

Bakit no browse?
This problem occurs when you are using the DNS tunneling method, this issue depends on your phone's Operating System not the app it self. The fix is to use other Operating System or use another tunneling method.

Bakit kokonti lang servers?
You can donate if you want na magdadagdagan.

What type of donation do you accept?
Cash or server if you want to.

Bakit may ads?
Pang add sa the mga maintenance of the VPN servers.
If you don't want to see ads you can use an ad-blocker. Simple as that.

Special thanks to:
Privacy SPNL Sinz sXc PHC-midanna Cybeat
Hindi ito magiging stable kapag wala kayo <3

Important Notes.

Please read the privacy policy of this app ^_^
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Some configuration files (.tcat):

sun ssl payload (line)
You must register or login to view this.
no load gtm using dns
You must register or login to view this.
no load gtm using http - oct 28, 2018

Donate Here:
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Eternal Poster
Wowowow sir salamat po, just wanna ask po kung pwede siya sa wifi ? I mean yung apn, diba kasi sa mobile data eh may mga port, etc. eh sa apn nf wifi po eh wala.
Yeah. Working yan sa Pocket Wi-Fi or modem

Sana po di niyo inalis yung log para malaman ko yung error or if connected pero thanks po
Auto reconnect naman po yan then may notification if connected kana

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