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Tutorial Android troubleshooting


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Sep 18, 2017
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A Comprehensive Guide For Troubleshooting Android
Does your android phone feels warm? Hears echo or noice when calling? Don't worry here's the list of troubleshooting guide for you to solve your headaches to your android device which covers phone and network troubleshooting.
Restarting the Android Device
*If the Android Device becomes unresponsive, restart the device by pressing the Power key for 10-15 seconds. Once the device powers down, press the Power key again to turn on the device.
Poor Cellular Reception
*Move to an area with a stronger signal or temporarily turn off your device.
*Try again at a less congested time.
*Ask your service provider for a service area plan.
Echo or Noise
*Hangup and redial. If the relay is changed then the line may be better.
Shortening of the Standby Time
*Temporarily turn off your device.
*Move to an area with a stronger Wi-Fi or Data (LTE/4G/3G) signal.
Unable to Turn On the Device
*Look at the remaining electricity or recharge status to confirm. Charge battery.
*Press and hold Power key for 10-15 seconds.
*Have the battery or charger replaced by your authorized phone service center if necessary.
SIM Card malfunction
*Contact your network provider (211 for Globe, 808 for TM, *888 for Smart/TNT).
*Confirm if SIM card is properly inserted.
*Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe off the metal contact point of the SIM card.
Unable to Connect to the Network
*Contact your network provider.
*Consult your network provider regarding the service area.
*Move to a place with stronger signal and try again.
Unable to Make a Call
*Cancel the call bar function.
*Cancel the fixed call setting.
Incorrect PIN
*Contact your network provider (211 for Globe, 808 for TM, *888 for Smart/TNT).
Unable to Charge
*Press and hold Power key for 10-15 seconds.
*Ensure that the plug is properly connected.
*Have the battery or charger replaced by your authorized phone representative.
Unable to Add New Phonebook Entries or Contacts
*Delete some of the phone number entries.
Unable to Set Certain Network Functions
*Contact your network provider (211 for Globe, 808 for TM, *888 for Smart/TNT).
System Failure
*Installing a 3rd party program may result in faulty operation.
*Press the Power Key for 10-15 seconds to reboot the system.
Unable to Connect to Wi-Fi
*Check whether the wireless router is working.
*Check whether your unit is near the wireless router, or if there are walls or barriers that hamper the signal from wireless router.
*Check whether the username and the password are correct.
The Unit Feels Warm
*Operating various programs at the same time or high brightness settings may cause the device to get warm, so close unused apps in the drawer and set the brightness of your phone to the lowest.
*Rest your device after every three hours of heavy use to keep it running optimally.
Unable to Login to Your Email Account
*Check whether the device is connected to the Internet.
*Check if email settings are correct.
There are defective/dead pixels on my screen
*International standards allow for a maximum of 5 defective pixels per 1 million pixels (ISO 9241-302:2008). As such, only units with 6 or more defective pixels per 1 million pixels are qualified for repair or replacement to authorized phone service centers which still have warranty.
*If your device has 4 or fewer defective pixels per 1 million pixels, third-party detection and remedy apps are readily available from Google Play. NOTE: you are liable for problems, which may arise from using third-party apps, so be sure to check for comments in app first before using it.


pahelp po tong phone memory ng cp ko kukunti naman naka install 16gb pero maliit nalang natitira sa memory?salamat po ng karamihan


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boss gtanong ko lang ang cp ko kasi ayaw na kumonnect sa wifi kahit my wifi naman kami. ano po ang solusyon kapag ganyan ang cp mo po? salamat boss sa sagot..