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Pinger tool

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julius baldivino

Dec 26, 2012
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Mas pinadali ang pag bug my kasama ng pinger po yan.......

Pki try nlang po.....

sensya na di ako marunog mag post....


UAT for unlialltrio
PMB for powersurfmb
BMX for bbmax
SS for supersurf

click mo na yong Pinger

Step 1

For unliallitrio1400 subscription

click Tab-1 UAT1400 for browser tab-1
click Tab-2 UAT350 for browser tab-2
click Tab-3 UAT150 for browser tab-3


For powersurfmb subscription

click Tab-1 PMB499 for browser tab-1
click Tab-2 PMB299 for browser tab-2
click Tab-3 PMB99 for browser tab-3


For supersurf subscription

click Tab-1 BMX599 for browser tab-1
click Tab-2 SS99 for browser tab-2
click Tab-3 BMX50 for browser tab-3
click Tab-4 SS50 for browser tab-4

step 2

add your number in M-No. textbox

step 3

click Add button

pag lumabas na yong number sa globe site


step 4

click Submit button

hintayin dumating yong activation url ng globe sa sim card mo.

step 5

copy all link na dumating sau then

step 6

paste mo sa url bar ng bugging tools

LINK1 para sa first link na dumating
LINK2 to LINK 4 para sa iba pang link na dumating...

step 7

click Bug Mode buton


see Tab-1 to Tab-4 kong nka send na.

pag ang ping mo lumabas na ganito....

Pinging google.com [] with 32 bytes of d
Reply from bytes=32 time=310ms TTL=47
Reply from bytes=32 time=379ms TTL=47
Reply from bytes=32 time=288ms TTL=47
Reply from bytes=32 time=367ms TTL=47

bug na sim mo nyan......

pero pag dipa ganyan lumabas

ulitin ang step 1


check button

see tab-1 ng browser dapat lumabas ung google site...

basta pm nyu ko kung gusto nyu ng tool:)
Mga sir wala poh ba dyang mas simpleng trick.Newbie lng poh kxie aquh,hehe

meron poh ba kaung alam na trick xa globe na wlang load na mdli lng gwin.


Forum Veteran
allthough gmit ko supersurf50... nd pa rin aquh mkaconect using ur app sir.. bkit kaya ganun.. globe tatoo gmit ko po
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