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Psp 6.35pro-a3 update tutorial


Jan 4, 2013
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Tried and tested po sa PSP Go ko! Working lahat ng new games. Try it at your own risk.

Step: (see download link for the folders)
1. Connect your PSP in your computer.
2. (PC mode)Open the folder named "1" from the downloaded file and copy the "UPDATE" folder and paste it inside your "PSP\Game" folder of your PSP.
3. Disconnect PSP from PC.
4. (PSP mode)Install the 6.35 custom firmware from your PSP. Check your firmware in settings if it is now 6.35.
5. Connect your PSP in your computer.
6. (PC mode)Open folder "2" and double click "2.exe" to install the 6.35 Pro using your PC.
7. (PC mode) Click ACCEPT and select your PSP's drive letter and click install, this will create another folder named "6.35Pro" located at your "PSP\Game" folder in your PSP.
8. Disconnect PSP from PC.
9. (PSP mode)Install the 6.35Pro from your PSP.
10. Connect your PSP in your computer.
11. (PC mode)Open "3\PSP\GAME" folder from the downloaded file. Copy the "635PROUPDATE" and "635FastRecovery" inside your PSP's "PSP\Game" folder.
12. (PSP mode)Open 6.35 Pro update and install it. Check your firmware if it is now 6.35 Pro-A3.
13. (PSP mode)Open 6.35 FastRecovery and install it and your PSP and wait for its reboot.
14. Connect your PSP in your computer.
15. (PC mode)Open "4" folder from the downloaded file and copy the EBOOT.PBP.
16. (PSP mode)Paste the EBOOT.PBP in "PSP\Game\635FastRecovery" folder replacing the old EBOOT.PBP file.
17. Copy the downloaded ISO games in "PSP\ISO" folder of your PSP, create ISO folder if it doesn't exist.
18. Disconnect PSP from PC.
19. (PSP mode)Run "FastRecovery" and now you can start playing you ISO games.
Note: If the games is not visible after you turned of your PSP, just run again "FastRecovery".

Download the files here:
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PW: hitlike

Hindi copy paste yan ah... Enjoy! :pompous:


sir pede ba to sa psp slim?
anong klaseng PSP slim po ba yan boss, PSP 2000 ata yan? Sa PSP 3000 tested ko po ito eh.

Sa Phat at slim version, Try niyo yung TUT dito.
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Basahin niyo po yung mga TUT diyan, or wait niyo post ko for PSP 1000/2000 häçks using HEN! hehehe


Eternal Poster
Mag iisang taon natong PSVITA ko di ko malagyan ng games nakakalito kasi. Kung paano made in hapon kasi.

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