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Everything that you need to know about the psp


Jan 4, 2013
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mga idol share ko lang itong itinago ko sa aking mahiwagang baul about psp

[GUIDE] Everything that YOU need to know about the PSP [TUTORIAL]

Everything that YOU need to know about the PSP!

This Guide has been Divided into 5 Sections; The Basics,
Fat, Slim and 3000!, Original Firmware and Custom Firmware, Pandora Battery, Magic Memory Stick and Flashing your PSPHomebrew and Applications, Games and ISO's/CSO's

The Basics

Basic Info

The Sony Playstation Portable (also known as the PSP) is a handheld game designed by sony. The PSP is one of the newer models of the "PlayStation (PS)" next to the Sony PS3. The PSP consists of different features that the Sony PS1 and the PS2 didn't have but have been included into the PS3, such as Photos, Music, Videos, Gaming and the feature of via Internet Connection.


Network Update - The Network Update feature allows PSP users to Update their current Firmware. You will need to update your PSP because this allows you to play NEW PSP games that are available.

USB Connection - The USB Connection feature is one of the most important feature in your PSP. This allows you to connect your PSP to a computer to then put Music, Movies Pictures on the PSP. You will need a USB Connection Cord for this to work though.

Video Settings - The Video Settings feature allows you to edit your videos that you have bought or downloaded. It then gives you the option of changing your "Video Menu Language to either; Danish, German, English, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russion, Swedish and Chinese. You can also choose the Launguage Options button for different video launguages. The Video Setting feature also gives you the ability to change the Audio Language, Subtitle Language, Volume Setting, L/R Button, Sequential Playback and the Title Display.

Photo Settings - The Photo Settings feature gives you the option of ONLY changing your Slideshow Speed. It can be changed either to Fast, Normal or Slow.

System Settings: - The System Settings feature is also one (i think the most) of the most important option given for the PSP itself.

Nickname: You can change your PSP's Nickname to anything and that will be showed when playing certain games and/or Infrastructure or AD Hoc Mode (via Internet Connection).

System Language: You can change the whole PSP's System Language by click System Language in System Settings. You can either change it to; Deutch (Dutch), English, Espanol (Spanish), Francais (French), Italiano (Italian), Nederlands (Netherlands/Dutch), Portugues (Portuguese), Pyccknn, and other Asian launguages I can't understand and type.

Character Set: You can change the Character set by/to different file name changes and text in files.

UMD Auto Start: You can either change your PSP game that you have bought (it is called a UMD) either ON (when you have just turned on your PSP the game will load) or OFF (the game will not load when the PSP is turned on).

UMD Cache: You can reduce the frequency which the PSP reads the UMD Disk when turned ON.

USB Auto Connect: Only available when PSP is updated to 5.00 Firmware. This allows you when you plug in your USB Connection Cord to your PSP and the PC, you do not have to go to USB Connection in settings, it will automatically load onto your PC.

USB Charge: Charges your PSP while in USB Connection mode.

Battery Information: You can check how much "life" you battery currently has. It will display the Charge level (eg. 57%), Hours Left (eg. 3:45), Power Source (eg. Battery or Charger) Battery Status (eg. In Use).

Format Memory Stick: This feature is ONLY needed when you want to delete ALL files from your PSP including Music, Pictures videos etc.

Enable WMA Playback: The system will connect to the internet and perform an activation procedure to enable the playback of music data in WMA Format.

Restore Default Settings: You will restore all system settings of the PSP when click. The PSP will then be configured to the way from the beginning you have gotten it.

System Settings: You will then be able to check your System Software either in Custom Firmware or Original Firmware (eg. 5.00)

About PSP: I have written all of this myself, but if you have decided that what I am telling you is a load of BS, you go there and let the designers tell you about the PSP.

Theme Settings - This feature allows you to edit the theme, background and color of your PSP.

Date and Time Settings - You can edit the date and times settings of your PSP including your Time Zone.

Power Save Settings - You can either turn the BackLight of the psp off or on, put the PSP on Auto Sleep for a certain amount of minutes and either turn the WLAN Power Save on or off.

Connect Display Settings - You can edit/change the PSP connections settings when connected to a TV, or being connected to any other tech.

Sound Settings- Edit primary Audio settings for the PSP.

Security Settings - You can change or put a password on your PSP for other people not to have access to certain stuff. You can set the Parental Control for your child for restriced sites etc. When asked to enter password the PSP gives you an automated Code known by ALL PSP's as (0000).

RSS Channel Settings - Edit/change Item Save Otions.

Network Settings - Change the Channel of your PSP when playing a game through infrastructure or AD Hoc Mode.


With the Photo feature available, you can pictures to either be displayed on your PSP, or shared with friends. The PSP Slim will show the camera option in Photo. You will need to buy a camera that is comapatable though. The memory stick in Photo contains all of your Pictures that you have uploaded into the PSP.

Instructions by placing Photos on a PSP (Pictures Coming Soon)

1. Turn on PSP
2. Connect USB Connection cable in the PSP and the PC.
3. A screen should pop-up with the name of your PSP and ask you "What do you want windows to do" You click the "Open folder to view files". If the What do you want windows to do doesn't pop up, Go to my Computer and click the name of your PSP.
4. What you want to do now is click the "PICTURE" folder, if its not there create one by right clicking in the Removable Disk, go to NEW and click folder ad you MUST rename your Folder to PICTURES or PHOTOS.
5. Go to the PHOTO feature on your PSP and click Memory Stick
Note: Did you know that you can create a folder inside the folder of PICTURES and on your PSP it will show the folder!


With the Music feature availabe you can download music files and place them on your PSP.

Instructions by placing Music on a PSP (Pictures Coming Soon)

1. Turn on PSP
2. Connect USB Connection cable in the PSP and the PC.
3. A screen should pop-up with the name of your PSP and ask you "What do you want windows to do" You click the "Open folder to view files". If the What do you want windows to do doesn't pop up, Go to my Computer and click the name of your PSP.
4. What you want to do now is click the "MUSIC" folder, if its not there create one by right clicking in the Removable Disk, go to NEW and click folder ad you MUST rename your Folder to MUSIC.
NOTE: You cannot share music with friends.


You might think that the Music and Photo features are easy and the video is the same thing as those, but you are wrong! To place downlaoded videos on a PSP you must change the file to a .mp4 file because PSP's only read that type of video format.

Instructions by placing Videos on a PSP (Pictures Coming Soon)

1. Turn on PSP
2. Connect USB Connection cable in the PSP and the PC.
3. A screen should pop-up with the name of your PSP and ask you "What do you want windows to do" You click the "Open folder to view files". If the What do you want windows to do doesn't pop up, Go to my Computer and click the name of your PSP.
4. What you want to do now is create a folder called "MP_ROOT" and inside that folder another folder called "100MNV01". To formate a video file to a .mp4 format you need to download a video convertor. I recommend "WinAVI Video Converter" for beginners.
Note: If placing your (video).mp4 file into those folders, try creating a folder called Video!


The game feature is the main cause of the PS Legacy, to enable the people to play games. You can play multiplayer games without a UMD Disk (only if 1 person has the UMD). You and the peson you are playing with must set his/her channels equally weth yours for this to work. The Saved Data Utility gives you the ability to load saved games from different games you have played.


The Network feature allows you to surf the internet through your PSP. With this you can visit any site/forum. You cannot watch YôùTùbé, Google or anyother Video sharing site.

_______________________________________________________________________________________________ _____

Fat, Slim and 3000!


The Fat PSP is the first model of the PSP revolution. It is very heavy and really bad to carry around with you. Though it is heavy and annoying it still packs one feature that the Slim doesn't have. The Fat PSP also known as the (PHAT) can be downgraded to 1.50 firmware. This firmware specializes in many groups of old yet handy homebrew applications like the Universal Remote and the old IR-Shell. To be sure that you have a Fat PSP, remove the battery from it's socket and at the top it will say SONY PSP 100(x) (replace the X with a number such as 1,2,3,4 and 5.

Slim PSP

The Slim PSP is the secong model of the PSP revolution. This handheld game is very light and it is not annoying like the Fat. The Lowest version that is compatable with the slim is 3.60. It cannot go to 1.50 as it was made a few years after the Fat. Many hombrews can run on the Slim model. To be sure that you have a Slim PSP, remove the battery from it's socket and at the top it will say SONY PSP 200(x) (replace the X with a number such as 1,2,3,4 and 5. There are newer versions of the Slim and if it comes with 4.01 Firmware. This means it is UN-häçkABLE!


The PSP-3000 is currently the newest model of the PSP revolution. This PSP is currently UN-häçkABLE at the Moment. The circle at the back is slimer than the Slim PSP. They are also called a Slim PSP but they are called the 3000 as its has a TA-0883 Motherboard which is un-häçkable.
_______________________________________________________________________________________________ _____

Original Firmware and Custom Firmware

Original Firmware

Original Firmware is firmware designed for the PSP made by the Sony Developers. With Firmware you will be able to play updated games made for the PSP. Firmware symbolizes how to the configures everytime it's update. You can update your firmware two ways; Manually and through Network Update in Settings.
NOTE: Did you know PSP users call Original Firmware "OFW"?

How to update Original Firmware Manually

1. Download Firmware from any PSP-related website on the net. (I recommend going to this site You must register or login to view this.) (or you can google it)
2. When the download is finished, you will place it in the Game folder in your PSP.
3. Go to the game section of your PSP and go to Memory Stick.
4. Click the Firmware that you have downloaded.
5. Follow the Instructions on the PSP.

Custom Firmware

Custom Firmware is a leaked or as people say "häçked" version of original firmware. Custom Firmware allows you to download games and place them in your PSP instead of wasting $20-50 on games. You can also use hombrew applications designed by different people. But, to get custom firmware you NEED a Pandora Battery and Magic Memory stick. The developers of Custom Firmware are "Team M33" which are the Custom Firmware names (eg. 4.01m33). You can download custom firmware files here, You must register or login to view this. but remember before you try to attempt to place the custom firmware in your PSP you WILL need a Pandora Battery and Magic Memory Stick.
NOTE: There is NO other way of downloading games without Custom Firmware!

Updating PSP with 3.5x Firmware or lower without Pandora Battery and Magic Memory Stick

This is basically one of the easiest ways of flashing your PSP. If you have a Fat PSP (remember they are marked with 100x, replace the X with a number) it can be Modded with Original Firmware 3.52 or lower. If you have 3.52 on a Fat PSP, you want to place the 3.52 original Firmware and Custom firmware (m33) Eboot and PBP file in the Game Folder on the PC in your PSP. Then on your PSP, go to the GAME section and in your "Memory Stick" you will see the (m33) file click it and follow the instructions.
NOTE: Don't forget to go to You must register or login to view this. Downloads section for the M33 and OFW files
_______________________________________________________________________________________________ _____

Pandora Battery, Magic Memory Stick and Flashing your PSP

Pandora Battery

A Pandora Battery is an original PSP Battery hard-modded a.k.a "häçked" and is used to "häçk" your PSP (giving it custom firmware). The Pandora Battery can be made with a Fat PSP Battery and/or an old Slim PSP Battery.The only way that you will no if you have a Pandora Battery, is when the battery is inserted a Green Light will come on and the PSP will be black.

Magic Memory Stick

A Magic Memory Stick is a regular Memory stick with files that help the Pandora Battery with "häçking" your PSP. You can make a Magic Memory Stick with programs like "Catb50's Magic Memory Stick Maker" or "Rains Magic Memory Stick Maker".


To start "häçking" or as other people say flashing your PSP, you will need both Pandora Battery and Magic Memory Stick.

1. Insert Magic Memory Stick into the Memory stick slot.
2. Place Pandora Battery into the Battery Socket at the back of the PSP
3. A screen will appear giving you the choices of flashing your PSP to either Original Firmware (X) or Custom Firmware (O). Click (O) and the PSP will start flashing to custom firmware.
4. When the PSP is finished flashing, click X to shut down.
5. Turn back on the PSP and it will ask to reconfigure your Settings.
You are finished häçking your PSP. NOTE: You can flash other friends PSP as well as long as they have the häçkable ones.

_______________________________________________________________________________________________ _____

Homebrew Applications, Games and ISO's/CSO's

Homebrew Applications and Games

Homebrew Applications are App's developed fore the PSP by many users of the PSP Universe. There are many applications for the PSP to fool your friends with; iPSPphone (The PSP designed to look like an IPhone) and Vista PSP (Designed by Fred89, make your PSP look like Vista). <-- Those are just 2, there are hundreds!. But more serious applications are some like these; UMDumper (If you have a UMD Disk, insert it to you PSP, load this Homebrew and dump it as an ISO game to play whenever without the UMD!) PortableVNC (Connect your PSP to your PC Wireless!). You can also play Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 64, SNES etc. These are known as Emulators. You can download Gameboy Advance emulator known as (gPSP-Kai).


PSP ISO files are Image files that you can play on your PSP. CSO are the same as an ISO file, its just compressed for more space. To play ISO games on your PSP you will need Custom Firmware.

credits to members of dashhäçks.com


Hindi po basta basta ang pag Upgrade ng PSP Firmware
Dapat po naka Base sa PSP Original Version and Model mo po kung ano po ang Compatible na Firmware para sa PSP mo po
or Else Worse Case Scenario Perma Brick ang Babagasakan mo.
Kaya dapat ugaliin na mag basang mabuti or the best option eh magtanong sa mga taong nakasubok na mag Upgrade para safe ang PSP mo ^_^.


Kuya pa help naman po ung ps3 ko po kasi matagal ng nakatago ng ginamit ko po sya gumana pero biglang namatay tapos everytime na bubuksan ko po nag yeyellow ung ilaw tapos tutunog ng 3x tapoa back to color red na po. Ano po ba pwede kong gawin?

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