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Chat box rules posible kaya?

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Jan 11, 2012
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Good afternoon phcians,staff members,admin;

sa tingen nyo po ba maaari o posible ito mangyari na magkaroon tayo ng set of rules sa chatbox naisip ko lang para ung mga buggers at new ay aware para gumamit ng search engine.
example of rules lang kung sakali kung mangyari din alam ko naman na may chatbox

Chat box rules
1. You may not post in any other languages than English.
2. You may not spam or post any links related to:
*Sell/Buy/Trade any items
*Asking for any questions related to tricks
*Talking about other gaming servers/sites
3. You may not post more than 10 times in a row.
4. Do not post videosS in the chatbox Links only.
5. Please do not use CAPS when using the chatbox , its classed as shouting and will not be tolerated .
6. If any staff member ask you to change your actions in the chat box, comply or follow!!
*Any member that breaks these rules can end up temporary or permanently banned from the chatbox.
Any Staff Member that breaks these rules can end up temporary or permanently suspended from the Staff position, depending on the gravity of the infraction.
hindi ko po pinapangunahan nag tatanung lang kung sakali kasi parang nagiging thread na ang chat box pag doon pa need ipost ang tricks and may proper thread na kung saan ay doon nila pwede ipost ang kanilang katanungan un lang po mga boss hindi ko na ginawan ng poll kasi im only asking?:worthy: :worthy: peace!!
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