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May 18, 2015
15 Magical Places You’re Not Allowed To Visit
From clubs exclusive to rich tycoons and the social elite to interesting islands off-limits from tourists to prevent contamination, we count 15 places you’d really like to visit once, but you have almost no chance to do so.

15 – Svalbard Global Seed Vault,


  • This one was built out of fear that all those sci-fi scenarios about the end of the world might actually come true
  • This vault, build on a secluded island in the North Sea, is home to over 250 million crop seeds shipped from gene banks worldwide with an estimated cost exceeding $9 million dollars
  • You can’t enter the vault – nobody can, but researchers, plant breeders and other groups can request seeds from the depositing genebanks
  • If you WERE to enter it, you’d see the biggest hope for agriculture in the event of a polar ice cap melt or similar Earthly disaster
14 – Mezhgorye,


  • A closed military town at the foot of Mount Yamantau, believed by the United States to be a large secret nuclear facility owned by the Russians
  • When questioned, the Russians give inconsistent answers like, it’s a mining site, no, it’s a treasury, no, a food storage area – and then finally they said, yep, nuclear bunker in the event of apocalyptic war
  • It’s believed to house nuclear weapons, and as much as we want to visit it to inspect, we aren’t allowed – Russian newspapers claim it to be part of the Dead Hand initiative – to automatically launch nukes if a bunch are about to strike THEM
13 – Woomera Prohibited Area,


  • An Australian military testing range covering nearly 124,000 square kilometres – and although that area is restricted, the nearby town of Woomera is open to the public
  • You’ll want to go there for one reason, but also want to stay away for another – it’s highly prospective, significant quantities of minable gold, iron ore, opals and uranium that the general populace can’t reach
  • Due to the amount of unlaunched war material lying around though, it’s basically a minefield, so even if you could get around the military presence to mine, chances are you’ll get your face blown off – not a great way to spend your weekend
12 – Jiangsu National Security Education Museum,


  • This is basically the real-life James Bond exhibit – top secret documents and gadgets from the history of Chinese espionage
  • It includes things like, guns disguised as lipstick, hollowed-out coins to conceal documents and maps hidden in a deck of cards
  • The only people allowed to enter this museum are Chinese nationals, entirely because they don’t trust foreigners with their sensitive spy information – which is fair enough
11 – Club 33,


  • A private club located in Disneyland that costs 40 thousand dollars for membership and $10,000 in yearly costs
  • The reason it costs so much? It’s like a secret backdoor disneyland but with a liquor license and 14-year waiting list, props from disney films everywhere, animatronics and complimentary valet parking
  • You enter the club by buzzing an intercom concealed in a hidden panel in the doorway, then you take the antique-style glass lift to any of two giant dining rooms
  • This is a great place if you’re an ultra-rich tycoon
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