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Tutorial 13 Do's and Don'ts in Texting/Chatting your Crush

Professora Akira

Oct 13, 2017
There are rules for texting your crush to avoid it becoming a minefield of mistakes that simply put him/her off.

Do: Keep track of who text or text who first​

If you find yourself always being the one to initiate conversation, take a step back and realize he/she shouldn’t think you’re head over heels. The rules for texting your crush means having a bit of restraint.

Don't : Respond in justs seconds​

Even if you did actually see the text right that second, take a solid five minutes before replying. It’ll make him/her think you’re not at his/her beck and call just staring at your phone for hours a day hoping his/her name will pop up on the screen.

Don't: Being overly Flirtatious​

It’s not a bad idea to give hints, but limit it to that, at least in the beginning. Again, less power to him/her is more power to you.

Don't: Send those emojis even as a joke​

Getting straight to the point is something all of us like to do, but in this specific scenario, you don’t want to give him /her the wrong idea. If you want something real and that lasts, don’t go there right away.

Do: Use "nicknames " as a joke​

This one is acceptable and can be quite effective if used in moderation. Words like “honey,” “sweetheart”, or “baby” can totally be used as a light flirting mechanism.

Do: Make him/her wait the same amount of time he/ she makes you wait​

If you’re in the middle of a solid half hour of conversation and he randomly doesn’t text back for ten minutes, don’t hesitate to do the same to him.

Don't: Use Capital Letters in every Text​

Seeming overly excited can be frustrating to them, especially since they don’t like all the drama that comes with it.

Do: Use his/her Name​

Everybody finds it more personal when their name is used in conversation. And if he does this with you, that’s a good sign, as well.

Don’T: Lie just to make Yourself seem more Interesting​

This is a must Not do because it will come back to hurt you if you do get into a relationship in the future.If you want to build a relationship with this person, you have to be honest—and what better place to start than in your text messages.

Do: Ask questions to Show Interest​

It’s a great strategy to make the other person talk about themselves or their interests. It makes them comfortable.Not only say "hey,
If you want a conversation that doesn't result in a dead end, put some purpose behind your text messages by asking a question or referring to an inside joke.

Don't: Be Afraid to bridge deeper conversations​

But don’t do it right off the bat. Find a way to maneuver the conversation into what you want to talk about after a while of making him /her talk about himself.

Don't: Shy away from Face to face interactions​

If you don’t see him/her on a regular basis, you might want to consider asking him to “hang out,” even if it is with a group of people to start. If you don’t know anyone in common, this can be difficult, but that might be a good reason to get some alone time.

Do: Be the One to Cutt off Convo Sometimes​

This is great because it makes your crush know you have a life outside of him/her .​

excerpt from loveallstalk/sweetyhigh
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