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    Closed (need players) genesis ragnarok online private server

    Permission to post po baka pwede ako dito mag invite ng players sa ating kumunidad. much better isang Guild para may challenge na din yung ibang guild dito. 2 - 3 Guilds nag laban laban sa War of Emperium at kailangan pa ng madaming players para sumali mapa PVP man o GVG o WOE. Sali na! Active...
  2. C

    Closed How to unlock new series ox-230

    share ko lng dahil free ito binigay din sa akin tips (Not Tested Yet)... requirements:new OX230 Outdoor wimax /putty apps See attachment below for instructions.
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    Help About creating bootable xp installer

    Hello po, ask ko if bakit nag error ang computer after na install ang XP ko using USB? is it advisable to boot Windows XP using USB? or for CD / DVD only ang windows XP para iwas error? Nasa attachment ko po ang ERROR
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    Closed Those who cannot connect psiphon

    Ito po ang solution ko po para sa mga users na d makapag connect sa psiphon for Smart users only. download nalang po ang sa attachment area
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    Help Fix my external hdd

    Hello po mga sir, sino po nakakalam nitong problem ko ? kaka bukas ko lang ng box na to and nung sinalpak ko ni remove ko mga containing files nya sa loob after that d ko na sya mabuksan or ma format or add partition dahil ganito na kinalabasan nya. pero nkikita pa din sya sa Disk Management at...
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    Closed Low spec games for this kind of laptop.

    hello po mga sir, ask ko lang po kung meron kayong alam na offline games para sa ganitong specs ng laptop?

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