Zendō (禅堂) (Chinese: Chántáng) or senbutsu-jō (選仏場) is a Japanese "meditation hall". In Zen Buddhism, the zen-dō is a spiritual dōjō where zazen (sitting meditation) is practiced. A full-sized Zen Buddhist temple will typically have at least one zen-dō as well as a hon-dō ("main hall", but sometimes translated as "Buddha hall"), which is used for ceremonial purposes, plus a variety of other buildings with different functions. However, any place where people go to practice Zen can be referred to as a zen-dō.

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    Hello Hero (daming pinoy naglalaro nito)

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    PlayStation REQ. PSP games

    guys baka meron kyo psp games pa share naman po.
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    Closed Steampunk Droid Live Wallpaper

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