Yuri (ゆり, ユリ) is a feminine Japanese given name. Although it sounds similar, it is completely unrelated to the Slavic name Yuri.

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    YURI IS MY JOB! Life appears promising for Hime Shiraki, a girl with good grades, a flawless reputation, and a cute face to top it all off. As long as she can keep up her picture perfect facade, she will be able to accomplish her dream: to be loved by everyone and become the trophy wife of a...
  2. K

    WebNovel Yuri / GL Light Novels Collection [epub]

    Yuri / GL Light Novels Collection >:3 Watashi ga koibito ni Naneru Wakenaijan I'm inlove with the villainess Yuri Tama Magi Revo (Light Novel) Vol. 1-3 the Executioner and her way of life (LN) Vol. 1-5 Girls Kingdom LN Bloom into you: Regarding Saeki (Light Novel) Shut-in...
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    Where to watch?

    Hi mga bhie! Saanng site nakakanood ng matinong YAOI, YURI,HAREM, at ECCHI? Yung may matinong storyline sana, hindi puro kan2t. Nag-enjoy kasi ako sa World's End Harem eh. Ganda ng storyline. At saka kung may site na makakabasa ng manhwa. THanks my bhie! 🥰🥰😘😘😘
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    Closed never give - up for hoping..

    netflex where are you....i'm waiting for you..
  5. A

    Closed Yuri's revenge

    May game ba nito sa android? If yes, link pls. Thanks :)
  6. J

    Closed Yuri? i love it!

    Manga: Yuri: Citrus What does the fox say Octave Prism Shoujo-ai Fluttering feelings Pm me for more..
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    G·TM Help!! bugging tm!!

    pano po ba mag bug ng TM sim?

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