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    Closed Xmod close when i put troops

    guys pa help naman paano ayusin to kapag maglalagay ako ng troops ko mawawala yung xmod ko or ung robot...
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    Closed Xmod

    •Xmod is a mobile game assistant App with mod/Accelerators for hot games• Xmod: http://xmodgames.com/
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    Closed Clash of Clans tools XMOD

    nag search ako bago ako gumawa since wala akong nakita ginawa ko na siya pero di ko rin sure if ma problem lang sa search engine pero inform niyo lang ako kung may ganito ng thread para ma close ko salamat. pwede kayo mag practice bago kayo umattack thru sandbox attack auto search just set your...
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    Tutorial I am mt(epic heroes) -xmodgames,great häçk ever

    Features: 1. set: (1)Speed Multiplier ( You can speed up the game from 2 to 32 times) (2)One-click for ELITE ( You can choose Dungeons of ELITE with one-click ) (3)One-click for HEROIC ( You can choose Dungeons of HEROIC with one-click ) (4)Auto-Sell cards ( Sell your cards automatically. PS...