wimax problem

Samsung Galaxy S II WiMAX ISW11SC is a smartphone developed by Samsung Electronics, and sold by au in Japan.
It is the first phone in the Galaxy series, and is the final model to be compliant with the WiMAX Standard. It supports Wi-Fi tethering. It is one of a series of smartphones compatible with CDMA 1X WIN. Its production model number is SCI 11. The manufacturer's model number is SCH-J001.

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    Closed Hunting/sniping/paanak

    Kelangan ba mga boss na connected sa internet o dapat ba na may internet connection ka bago ka maka pag snipe/hunt/paanak ng mac address? Anu po ba bagay sa bm622m? New or old series po ba? Pede po ba pa tut naman ako sa may busilak na puso diyan.. Newby lang po kasi ako.. TIA po sa makakatulong..
  2. S

    Closed mac address

    Mawawala na po ba talaga ang wimax?
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    Closed none ipconfig

    goodmorning, bakit po ganun ang toy ko, nd po makita ang ip address kahit ginamit ko si ipconfig wala pong lumalabas na ip address, blinking signal po siya.. maayos po ba siya? paano po?
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    Help Plz help pag nag snipe ako nag error

    gamit ko Wimax Tool V3.0 by yyyxyyyz pag mag snipe ako may nag po pop up na script error dati hindi nmn ganito ok nmn ung telnet settings tama nmn lahat
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    Help Wimax bm622 problem

    Mga boss ano gagawin pag ganito lumilitaw sa wimax ( tabo ) ko? update ko na ba? tapos ayaw din pumasok sa telnet :( PAHELP PO MGA SIR :(:(:cry::cry::banghead::banghead:
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    Wimax Status

    Noong araw ng ika-8 ng linggo 2014. Nag start na nag unstable na ang mga mac namin dito sa area namin in northern mindanao. napansin ko po ay nag iba na ang IP Address namin mula 10.13 to 10.59 at ang hirap maka connect. pag maka connected na ay mga ilang oras ay napuputol narin. nnung tiningnan...

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