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Willingness to communicate (WTC) was originally conceptualised for first language acquisition, and seeks to demonstrate the probability that a speaker will choose to participate in a conversation of their own volition (McCroskey & Baer 1985, cited in MacIntyre et al., 1998). Traditionally, it was seen as a fixed personality trait that did not change according to context. However, McCroskey and associates suggested that it is in fact a situational variable that will change according to a number of factors (how well the speaker knows the interlocutor(s), number of interlocutors, formality, topic etc.).

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    hi i'm Pen. i signed-up because i wanted to pursuit my finished Degree way back college,elevate my knowledge, learn and grow with you guys by reading unto your posts. hope you guys can help me! pretty please!!
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    hELLO Poooo mga ka PH!!! i'm Emsaints.