wi-tribe ( WYE-trybe) is an internet services provider (3G & 4.5G) in Pakistan. It operated in four major cities; Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Karachi until its license was revoked by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority because of frequent service interruption. As of 2021, the services have not been restored. wi-tribe is the first one in Pakistan to launch LTE-Advanced (4.5G) to users. The company shut down its services in Lahore after a major issue with the company (EDOTCO) managing its towers. The reason for the scenario was a dispute between the companies which escalated after the departure of respected EDOTCO Group Ceo Suresh Sidhu - ostensibly, this was a dispute about a service-level-agreement and renegotiating of tower rentals as land-owner leases were running out and EDOTCO was negotiating in a manner which meant huge increases and premiums being demanded from wi-tribe. In this debacle, the deliberate powering off of wi-tribe base stations on EDOTCO towers was being weaponized by EDOTCO to gain commercial leverage in negotiations. This in turn led to payments being withheld by wi-tribe in retaliation. This subsequently led to the now-ousted EDOTCO Pakistan CEO Arif Hussain shutting down the towers in major cities leading to customers facing broadband blackouts.

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    Closed Tnt lovet <3

    Procedure: Text FREE to 4545 wait for confirmation Text TOT10 to 4545 wait for confirmation (register only once) Text FREENET to 4545 (register only once) Finally, text UNLI20 to 5555 (register everyday or when you feel like it :P) The Unli20 is valid only for 1 day which gives 3GB per day...
  2. D

    Closed Wixb-175x204 indoor cpe (wi-tribe) mabubuhay pa po ba?

    Good afternoon guys. Ask ko lang po, ito ho bang wi-tribe wixb-175x204 indoor cpe may tricks pa ba para mapagana? Naalala ko lang naka tambak lang kasi sya. Salamat po.
  3. S

    Closed Help nyo po ako

    Paano pag n tapos n contract s sitribe tpos häçk nlng para na connect ulit? Pa help please
  4. S

    Closed wi-tribe wixfmm-214x217ph

    Hi po.. new lang po ako dito, paturo po sana if pano mag häçk nito.. :) Salamat po
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    Closed Wi-Tribe,Motorola CPEi 25825

    nahalungkat ko lang sa mga patapon na basura ung luma ko na dating wi-tribe modem 2011-2013 ata to :) nakalimutan ko na... pero...tanong ko lang my häçk ba para sa Wi-Tribe,Motorola CPEi 25825? Andyan ung pic d yan ung orig na pic pero ganyan ung modem ko... :D tanong ko lang ulit kung...
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    Closed BM623M 2013 connecting to wi-tribe mac??

    Panu ang settings pag wi-tribe mac at frequency gagamitin sa bm623m 2013 cpe firmware??
  7. V

    Closed Wi-tribe

    Me paraan po ba para mareconnect ang Wi-Tribe Ko?

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