wechat for android

  1. K

    Closed Scan WEchat QR Code

    Mga paps. pa help naman po baka may wechat kayo na account pa scan naman ng QR code ko required daw kasi. Salamat in advance.
  2. J

    Help Who can scan my wechat qr code

    Can someone please scan my wechat qr code. I really need it. ☹️
  3. M

    Android App Pa help po sa WECHAT problem

    Hello po guys! Help naman po, di kasi ako makaregister sa wechat need ng mag hehelp a friend na ma verified ung may matagal ng wechat dyan. :( Thanks a lot.
  4. D

    Wechat Account/Verify

    Sino po dito may mga wechat account :) hanapo po ako or pa scan qr code
  5. J

    Help Pa-help po if sinong may wechat account ditoaa

    Pa-help po if sinong may wechat account dito, pa-verify po sana.
  6. A

    Help wechat

    Hello. Sino po sa inyo ang may wechat account? Pwede magpaverify? needed lang talaga pleasee 😭😭😭
  7. W

    Android App Sino po dito may wechat account pasok ka

    Baka meron pong may wechat diyan and can help me to register for an account. I will give 50 globe load pa scan ko lang yung verification ng new account ko
  8. R

    Android App Wechat qr code

    Guys pa help naman ako makagawa ng account sa WeChat, thanks Paki Scan nalang po ng QR Code
  9. H

    wechat for android 100% working

    download and install wechat app s marketgo to settingscreate new apnname: wechat apn:http.globe.com.ph proxy: port:80 apn type: default or internet auth type:papenjoy ur wechat appfb lng po qng gumana s inyo...:-D