A wat (Khmer: វត្ត, vôtt [ʋɔət]; Lao: ວັດ, vat; Thai: วัด, RTGS: wat [wát]; Tai Lü: 「ᩅᨯ᩠ᨰ」(waD+Dha); Northern Thai: 「ᩅ᩠ᨯ᩶」 (w+Da2)) is a type of Buddhist temple and Hindu temple in Cambodia, Laos, East Shan State, Yunnan, the Southern Province of Sri Lanka and Thailand. The word wat is a Thai word that was borrowed from Sanskrit vāṭa (Devanāgarī: वाट), meaning 'enclosure'. The term has varying meanings in each region, sometimes referring to a specific type of government-recognised or large temple, other times referring to any Buddhist or Hindu temple.

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    Help sa mga artist dyan

    Mam/ser sa mga watercolor artists po dito ok pi ba gamitin nylon brush para sa watercolor newbie lang e nag ta try ng bagong medium
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    Closed Phsipson pa help po

    Pa help nman po newbie here gusto ko po sana makakuha ng setting ng phsipson or any free net ung walang buffering guys tnk you po sa mag help.
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    Help Win 7 SP1 Genuine error?[Solved]

    mga boss pa help naman po...lumalabas po kasi itong message na to: "This copy of Windows is not genuine" sa bottom right ng screen ko kahit na activated na ung OS ko....ung WAT Remover po gamit ko sa pang activate...ni-restore at ni-remove ko ulit ung WAT pero nandun pa din ung message...please...
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    Plapo ko deyeah!

    hi hello po sa lahat bago lng po..