waa cha! v1.7 apk

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    Help Mckuy

    Hi im new here.. Thank you admin that i am now member now. I hope more and more enjoyable experience and learning from you and the other members. Have a nice day.
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    Closed Helo poh new poh ako dito

    Bago lang poh ako dito . . .gusto ko poh sanang magtanong about smart prepaid and smart bro payload poh. . .at anu poh yong malakas na net connection. . .salamat poh mga boss. . .
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    Waa cha! v1.7 apk

    Waa Cha! v1.7 Apk Game Review: Waa Cha! is a casual game featuring a smooth, adorable art style based on Chinese kung-fu media. Your goal is to assist Master Wu Shou to train his 3 most gifted students to regain their mighty Kung Fu strengths.All you need to do, is to kick away all kinds of...