Voting is a method for a group, such as a meeting or an electorate, in order to make a collective decision or express an opinion usually following discussions, debates or election campaigns. Democracies elect holders of high office by voting. Residents of a place represented by an elected official are called "constituents", and those constituents who cast a ballot for their chosen candidate are called "voters". There are different systems for collecting votes, but while many of the systems used in decision-making can also be used as electoral systems, any which cater for proportional representation can only be used in elections.
In smaller organizations, voting can occur in different ways. Formally via ballot to elect others for example within a workplace, to elect members of political associations or to choose roles for others. Informally voting could occur as a spoken agreement or as a verbal gesture like a raised hand or electronically.

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    Help D

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    Help Online Voting System

    Hello po. tanong ko lang po kung anong language pwede gawin yung voting system i know basics ng javascript, sapat ba yong para makagawa?
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    Tanong lang sa resulta sa botahan

    Meron na bang resulta sa botohan? Pa update na lang po ako.. salamat😊
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    Closed Help for voting event

    mga ka PH pa help naman po sa voting event eto pa ang website at instruction (NICOLE po yung name ng i vovote sa pinaka baba po) website: maraming salamat mga ka PH sana matulungan nyo po ako reset ang voting every 8hours
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    SOTW #4 Voting Thread

    SOTW #4 Voting Thread •KINDLY READ THE RULES BEFORE PROCEEDING WITH YOUR VOTES • Here are the voting guidelines for this contest: 1. Users must have at least 50 posts to vote to ensure that he/she is aware of all the PHC Forum Guidelines. 2. User must post in this thread, stating the...