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Oracle VM VirtualBox (formerly Sun VirtualBox, Sun xVM VirtualBox and Innotek VirtualBox) is a type-2 hypervisor for x86 virtualization developed by Oracle Corporation.
VirtualBox was originally created by Innotek GmbH, which was acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2008, which was in turn acquired by Oracle in 2010.
VirtualBox may be installed on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Solaris and OpenSolaris. There are also ports to FreeBSD and Genode. It supports the creation and management of guest virtual machines running Windows, Linux, BSD, OS/2, Solaris, Haiku, and OSx86, as well as limited virtualization of macOS guests on Apple hardware. For some guest operating systems, a "Guest Additions" package of device drivers and system applications is available, which typically improves performance, especially that of graphics, and allows changing the resolution of the guest OS automatically when the window of the virtual machine on the host OS is resized.Released under the terms of the GNU General Public License and, optionally, the CDDL for most files of the source distribution, VirtualBox is free and open-source software, though the Extension Pack is proprietary software. The License to VirtualBox was relicensed to GPLv3 with linking exceptions to the CDDL and other gpl incompatible licenses.

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    [help] kali on virtual box

    Good day mga ka-PHC! Ask lang po sana ng assistance/suggestions regarding sa pag-run kay Kali sa Virtual Box. Sobrang lowend kasi ng PC dito sa Office. Meron po ba tayong ibang Virtual Machine Emulator? o sadyang hnd pede sa mga lowend PCs si Kali? THANKS IN ADVANCE!
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    Help Chinese miracle 2(cm2) "running under vm detected"

    Patulong Naman po ayaw gumana ng CM2 sa windows 10 ko ang nakalagay "Running Under VM Detected!, Will Close Now!"
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    Help Computer shop with 1 system unit only possible?

    Good Evening ka PHC! Meron kasi sa School namen na 1 System unit in 20 Clients bali may maliit syang device na parang modem and avr at monitor lang nagana na ang pc via vmware it is possible po ba na pwede sya i apply sa computer shops? na 1 monster server system unit lang and the rest is naka...
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    Closed Windows 7 bootable usb on vm

    good day mga paps! ask ko lang bakit stuck lang yung bootable windows 7 ko sa VM, gusto ko kasing subukan muna iinstall sa VM yung win7...kaso ganyan lang sya..sinubukan ko na yung manual na pagformat ng usb using cmd,still the same...ok naman sya pag direct na iboot yung iso,sa usb talaga...
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    Closed HELP: Wifislax in VM VirtualBox can't detect my Wireless card adapter

    I don't know kung nasa tamang thread ako but since Linux thread naman to itatanong ko na din. Sa mga Oracle VM VirtualBox user dito (sana meron). Hindi ma-detect ang Wireless Card adapter ko using VirtualBox - Ubuntu(guest) and Windows 7 (Host) ko. One of the solution ay ang USB WIFI Card...