Vas (Hungarian: Vas megye, pronounced [ˈvɒʃ]; German: Komitat Eisenburg; Slovene: Železna županija or županija Železna, Croatian: Željezna županija) is an administrative county (comitatus or megye) of Hungary. It was also one of the counties of the former Kingdom of Hungary. It is part of the Centrope Project.

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    VPN Dark VPN update new config 🌏🌅

    Share share din pag may time Feedback lng sa mga hit & run tuloy nyo lng yan ahaha
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    Closed Value added services (vas)

    anyone have the list of VAS number from Globe Telecoms. These can be use as reference only. Thanks po.
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    Is Virtual Assistance in the Philippines the new job demand of foreigners?

    Off season for teachers, off the trend for nurses and now coming in the vogue is virtual assistance? Virtual assistance is getting a high demand these days as internet is becoming the way of doing business. Even CNN and foreign TV News are catching the blossoming popularity of it and of...