Uploading refers to transmitting data from one computer system to another through means of a network. Common methods of uploading include: uploading via web browsers, FTP clients], and terminals (SCP/SFTP). Uploading can be used in the context of (potentially many) clients that send files to a central server. While uploading can also be defined in the context of sending files between distributed clients, such as with a peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing protocol like BitTorrent, the term file sharing is more often used in this case. Moving files within a computer system, as opposed to over a network, is called file copying.
Uploading directly contrasts with downloading, where data is received over a network. In the case of users uploading files over the internet, uploading is often slower than downloading as many internet service providers (ISPs) offer asymmetric connections, which offer more network bandwidth for downloading than uploading.

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    Help Gtm Psiphon

    Gtm Psiphon hc no load uploading preparing to 6pm
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    Help File uploaded in gdrive

    nagupload ako squid game sa google drive, possible ba maban ang gmail address ko at possible din ba maremove lang yung inupload ko na mga video dahil sa copyright
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    Meron po kayang pang bypass ng ρrémíùm acct ng fileboom or uploaded.net? Hehe nagbabakasakali lang po. Salamat po!
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