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    Help Promo for unlitext for 1 month

    Meron po ba, pabulong po ako, pabili din po load kung meron para maka tipid
  2. M

    Help Unlitext smart

    ano pong promo sa smart unlitext to all network worth of 25 pesos ts
  3. P

    Referral Unlitext mo gawin nating pera

    Dito ako pumaldo dati pero nawala pero nagbalik . Alam ko marami nang kakaalam neto dati pa kase to pero naglaho bigla. Tools need: Hidden content Sim card marami then phone Kahit anong cellular network Need mo lang ng unli text to other network para mag work . Babaan mo lang ng €0.0005 para...
  4. J

    Promo unlitext

    ano po ang promo for unlitext budget meal
  5. A

    Closed TNT 7 Minutes call limit bago macut call

    Magandang hapon po, Bagong user po ako ng TNT. Tanong ko lang po kung may mairerecommend po kayo na magandang unlicall and text promo para sa TNT. Yung mga nakikita ko po kasi sa internet eh gumagana naman kaso yung calls eh, nadadrop after 7 minutes. Hindi tuloy kami makapag-usap nang mas...
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    Closed Unlitext promo

    Good day PHCitizens. Patulong naman. Ano bang unlitext promo ni globe na for 1 day lang? TM user kasi ako at kakalipat ko lang kay globe. Di din ako makadial ng *143# kasi nasa wifi yung sim.. Gumagamit lang ako ng HiLink para makatext. Wala kasing IMEI yung phone ko. Salamat sa sasagot
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    Closed 30 days unliallnet text

    Tanong ko lang meron po bang UnliAllnet texts sa TNT good for 30days? ngayon lang kasi ako nagtnt.
  8. B

    Closed List of touch mobile (tm) promos 2018

    UNLITAWAG15 24 Hours unlimited call to TM and Globe networks. No maintaining balance required to use UNLITAWAG15 UNLITAWAG15 is available to all TM subscribers nationwide While still registered under UNLITAWAG15 other promos like COMBO10, COMBO15, ASTIGCOMBO10, ASTIGCOMBO15, UnliCo mbo20, or...
  9. M

    Closed Help! ano cheapest unlitext or combo text ni sun & tnt?

    Pa help nman guys! Ano cheapest unlitext or combo text ni SUN & TNT in 1month? May bug ba tayo sa Sun para sa combo text kaaya nung sa globe na TXT80? Thank in advance sa tutulong.
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    Closed Cheapest globe text promo

    Sa mga globe users there, ano alam nyong cheapest promo for unlimited texts to all networks? Im using GOTXT15 which is valid for 3days. Baka may alam pa kayo jan, do share po. Thanks.
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    Closed [15pesos/2days] [tipid promo] unlitxt allnet, 30mins calls & surf

    Hindi ko alam kung may naka discover na neto pero share ko lang... unlitxt to allnet, 30 minute calls to Globe/TM/ABS-CBN/Cherry, & Free FB (10 Mb),valid for 2 days! Note: tested ito sa iloilo city. Try nyo nlng sa location nyo..kung hindi gagana sa location nyo, pasenxahan muna..
  12. J

    Closed Smart allout 15

    text ALLOUT15 send to 9999 Unli text to all networks 20 minutes call to Smart/TNT/Sun 150MB data valid for 1 day The promo is only regional offer and it’s not available in NCR.
  13. E

    Closed Globe kina-capped na rin ang unli-text promos nito!!! (parang-fup pero sa unli-text)

    Grabe naman itong Globibo na ito, pati Unlimited Text Promos nila nilalagyan na CAPPING! Nakita ko sa reddit kanina, kinakatay daw ang Unli-text promos pag na-reach mo yung threshold nila.
  14. M

    Closed 1gb data and unli texts to all networks for a week for ₱70

    - Text GOTSCOMBODD70 to 8080.
  15. D

    Closed 5 pesos for 3 days

    May bagong exclusive promo ni TNT Just choose: UD5 to 4545 UT5 to 4545 Note:Limited Offer Only :) ENJOY:D please (y)
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    Closed TM unlitext

    Hello po. PaPM naman po tm unlitext promos. Or any bug trick po. Salamat!
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    Closed 2 days unlitext (all networks) for P10 only!

    Natutuwa lang po ako sa sobrang mura ng mga promo ng tnt. :) Share ko lang din po para sa mga nagtitipid na kagaya ko. TEXT UA10 TO 4545 2 Days UNLITXT to all networks For Only P10.00 add P5 for 15mins. calls to TNT/SUN/SMART Text T5 to 4545 Sorry po, late ko na nakita na may previous...
  18. G


    FOR GLOBE ONLY!! PHP20 LOAD 1. Register GO19 to 8888, [IMPORTANT]: Tandaan mo kung anong oras ka nag register. 2. After registration, ubusin yung 15mb na data at mag txt ka na ng mag txt. 3. Make sure ubos na yung 15mb data, 2 hours before mag expire si GO19 - ENTER AIRPLANE MODE 4. Pag alam...
  19. Y

    Closed Help! Unli-txt for Globe or TM.

    Sana po matulungan nyo ako. Naghihirap lang po sa pangload kaya sana matulungan nyo ako makatipid. Please Help. Thanks in advance.
  20. I

    Globe Unli text to all net good for 2 days for 15 php.

    galing po sa kabila . type U2ALL15 send to 8888 . try nyo po kung gagana sa inyo :)

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