Cha-uat (Thai: ชะอวด, pronounced [t͡ɕʰā.ʔùa̯t]) is a district (amphoe) in the southern part of Nakhon Si Thammarat province, southern Thailand.

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    PC App UAT Pro Version 156.01 With Login (GCT PACK) 100% Free No Credit Needed Very Useful tool for Tech

    How to install and use it? DOWNLOAD NYO PO MUNA ANG GCT PACK SUNDAN ANG VIDEO TUTORIAL SA PAG-INSTALL LINK NG GCT PACK : First, download the given file from the below link Extract files all...
  2. P

    Closed UAT Pro Version 156.01 With Log In (GCT PACK) Free

    UAR Tool Version 156.01 Free With Login By Ram Sevak Features of UAT Pro Tool Qualcomm [Services] Read Info Reset FRP Format Factory Reset Format FRP Reset locks unencrypted Disable Screen Locks Reset FRP ZTE FTM Reset FRP ASUS Reset MI Account No Relock Disable Screen Locks Xiaomi...
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    Closed Uat15

    Mga master ng PHC may tanong lang po ko kung meron bang working proxy server yan? Maganda rin kasing load yan eh. Salamat sa sasagot.
  4. L

    Closed Bug (100%) - eto na talaga (hidden promo uat - bugbugin)

    SCREENSHOTS PROCEDURE PO TO CREDITS PA RIN PO SA NAKADISCOVER^^ mga sir eto pong bugging trick na to ay MAARI LAMANG GAWIN SA CELLPHONES na MAY COPY/PASTE FEATURES, in short dapat na ANDROID PHONE ang gamitin... or other PHONES basta may copy/paste... PEDE RIN TO SA 4G BROADBANDS, peo sa...
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    G·TM Uat (bug\extend) 02/27/13

    UAT(unlialltrio) bug/extend (y) Update: Wag na po mag status gamit ang *143*1*4*1# dahil not registered lalabas dyan.. Browse 2 sites nalang,pag tuloy2 ok na yan. I've decided to share one of my reserve trick, don't know if meron na kayo nito.. nasa isang thread ko din ang procedures...
  6. J

    Closed Killsoft bugger v3.11 simple/pinadali/pinabilis.

    NO LOAD REQUIRED 100% Working - March 06, 2013 at 3:32am ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unang una sa lahat nagpapasalamat po ako sa creator nitong tool na to... sobrang thumbs up po ako sainyo... share ko lang po sa...
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    G·TM Updated uat dial trick!!!!!

    Muli pong nagbabalik ang UAT sundin lng po ang steps step 1. save to ur contact *143*3*3*3*2*2*1# name it A step 2. TxT UNLIALLTRIO1400 to 8888 then dial A sa contact nyo 3x po yan with no interval step 3. wait for 1 min the ulitin po ung step 2. UNLIALLTRIO1400 TO 8888 then dial A...
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    G·TM Info: want to know uat expiration?

    :D INFO: UAT as we all know eh walang status,. di tayo registered sa anumang surfing promos.. But now na nag update sila, ang uat na dati eh walang status na makikita eh meron pala.. Just dial this: *143*1*4*1# Eto ang sample reply nyan: "Status: You have remaining 0 txts and 0 call...
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    Help sa lg connection lost problem!

    Help naman, nagtataka kasi ako kung bakit pag nagfefacebook ako sa LG E400e using bugged globe sim eh laging connection lost, pero pag nilipat ko naman sa ibang CP, ok naman, bakit ganon? Tinry ko na magclear cache, cøøkíés at history, ganon padin. Help naman diyan... Thanks in advance.

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