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Tahitian (Tahitian: Reo Tahiti, part of Reo Mā’ohi, languages of French Polynesia) is a Polynesian language, spoken mainly on the Society Islands in French Polynesia. It belongs to the Eastern Polynesian group.
As Tahitian had no written tradition before the arrival of the Western colonists, the spoken language was first transcribed by missionaries of the London Missionary Society in the early 19th century.

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    ty po sa mga apn sett and ehi
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    share nga po kung sino my avail na payload ayaw po gumana ng google ko ty po.
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    Hi, Im a newbie here ! Panu ba makahanap ng link ng libreng. Internet sa phone ko Unit:KitKat blitz Model:ZH&K (y) Sim:smart THANK ★★★ YOU :pics:
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    New lang po
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    Lucky to be a member of this site! PH really help me...tnx.. GOD BLESS mga ka PH!