FC TSK Simferopol (Russian: ФК «ТСК» Симферополь) is a professional football team based in Simferopol, Crimea, that was created in place of Ukrainian SC Tavriya Simferopol, following 2014 Russian annexation of Crimea.
TSK in the name stands for "Таврия Симферополь Крым" (Tavria – Simferopol – Crimea).

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  1. W

    Ingat palagi sa phone lalo IPHONE tsk tsk

    Ingat palagi kahit saan man. Dont let ur guard down ika nga .
  2. M

    Closed para sa mga magaling sa pc

    pwede na po ba tong video card sa i3 1st gen
  3. N

    Closed Hahays

  4. R

    Closed Baket ambagal ni trams ngayon? ako lang ba?

    Ambagal ni trams ngayon sakin, Naka LTE naman yung signal ko and nag try ako ng sangkatutak na config puro fresh pa and iba ibang server pero yung speed ko nasa 300kbps lang max na yan :/ tcp tsaka fast gamit kong ssh, Sana may makasagot? Maintenance ba? Or ano? Confused nako.
  5. D

    Closed 403 status gtm only fast connect 7 days

    ito pa mga boss 403 status. need gs try nyu din ng no load baka gumana. 7 days only
  6. H

    No load mga paasa :(

    An dami ng nagkalat na mga ehi na no need load , need lang daw patience, but sometime patience wastes your time :( tsk
  7. C

    Closed Yung feeling na comeback na sana pero ____

    Come back sana sa dota nag black out pa ....dag dag lowprio na naman Pufek
  8. K

    Closed Walanjo pa peymus

    Wag naman po nating ipagkalat ang mga freenet. Bandang huli ba tayo din ang mawalan. Tsk..
  9. D

    Closed Tested 100%

    Default to !
  10. P

    Closed new bie

    craving for knowledge.
  11. D

    G·TM Sana gumana

    mging succesfull sana....
  12. J


    being a simple ME is a task to do in my own opinion

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