Trivia is information and data that are considered to be of little value. It can be contrasted with general knowledge and common sense.

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    Trivia Floriography #1: What is floriography?

    From Latin flōris + English -o- +‎ -graphy (suffix indicating something represented in the specified manner). Flōris is the genitive singular of flōs (“blossom, flower”), ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *bʰleh₃- (“blossom, flower”). Floriography roughly translates to “the language of...
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    Trivia Science Trivia

    Like fingerprints, everyone’s tongue print is different. Wearing headphones for just an hour will increase the bacteria in your ear by 700 times. A preggy goldfish is called a twit. Rats and horses can’t vomit. Cat’s urine glows under a black-light. (Actually, that is true of human urine also.)...
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    Closed 50PHP GCASH! - Are you the one? Trivia #3

    This is the third trivia with a cash prize! EZ money lang to mga Lodi, check below and follow the instructions! Hidden content
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    Trivia 20PHP GCASH! - RIDDLE #2

    Check this riddle and drop your answer below! The first one to correctly identify will win 20PHP GCASH! Hidden content
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    Trivia About Me -- Answered By An AI

    AI knows few info about me. LOL
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    Trivia Did you know...?

    There are more life forms on your body than people on earth. You have about 100 trillion bacteria living on and in you, which is more than ten times the number of human cells in your body.
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    FLY ME TO THE MOON 🌙 Nothing is more calming than catching a glimpse of moon after a long day. Happy #NationalMoonDay! Credits: Manila Bulletin
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    Facts and Trivia

    Wine glasses can enhance the pleasure of drinking wine Despite the different shapes and sizes the most important feature was a large bowl, which universally enhanced the aromas of the wine by facilitating more surface contact with oxygen. An ample bowl also enables swirling of the wine, another...
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    Trivia Trivia

    The compulsive desire to look at something that horrifies you, like a horror film or an injury, is called cacospectomania.
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    Trivia Trivia about Dark Chocolate

    Dark Chocolate can help lower your blood pressure. It also helps lower risk of diabetes, heart disease.
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    Trivia Did you know?

    The human brain has enough memory to hold three million hours of television. The brain's memory is 2.5 petabytes. You would have to leave the TV running continuously for more than 300 years to use up all that storage.
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    "Honey" The Food that Never Spoils

    Did you know? Honey never spoils. Honey that's over 3,000 years old was discovered in King Tut's tomb in 1922. It was still edible! For nearly a century, the 3,000-year-old honey from King Tut's tomb was considered the earliest example of honey ever discovered. Archaeologists excavating the...
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    Trivia "The secret of creativity"

    Did you know? The human brain is more active at night than during the day. This phenomenon is known as the "creative peak."
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    Trivia Kaunting trivia po muna tayo,

    Alam nyo ba na ang pagkonsumo ng animal protein sa katawan ay may disadvantages at advantages, Sa advantages muna tayo, Ang pagkonsumo ng animal protein ay nakakatulong sa pagpapalakas ng katawan or ang pagbbuild ng ating body, kaya eto yung madalas kainin ng mga ngbbuild ng katawan, dahil...
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    Trivia Bet you didn't know

    BET YOU DIDN'T KNOW.... It is impossible for most people to lick their own elbow. (Subukan mo Lods)
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    Help Trivia (General)

    What is the fear of mushrooms known as?
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    Help Monday Trivia

    Which African country was formerly known as Abyssinia?
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    Trivia Dog Trivia

    2017 was the Chinese Year of the Dog. Some dogs can learn more than 1,000 words. Like human infants, puppies enjoy high and seek. An upright and still tail indicates that a dog is focused and excited. While still growing, puppies generally sleep 18-20 hours per day. Puppies reach 50 percent of...
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    ZLT S10G trivia/tricks

    Hidden content Might be usefull, i dont know
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    Most Interesting/Amazing Trivia You Know?

    Let's share our knowledge mga ka phc kasi for sure maganda basahin ang mga malalagay dito unahan kuna. Did you know? That a pair of researchers has found that alpine bumblebees are able to fly at altitudes in excess of twenty nine thousand simulated feet that is higher than the Mount Everest.
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    Am I right?

    "ISANG BARBERO AT BUSINESSMAN" 💈BARBERO: Sir, alam mo hindi na ako naniniwalang may kumikita talaga ng ganyan kalaki sa business n’yo… 😎 NEGOSYANTE: Bakit naman po? 💈BARBERO: Tingin ka sa labas, ang daming taong may problema. Kung may ganyan nga talaga kalaki na kumikita, eh di sana lahat ng...
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    [CLOSED] PH Based Disney+ | 20 SLOTS/WINNER 1 Year Account Access Giveaway | Disney Trivia

    Disney+ Account PH Based (shared only) 20 slots in partnership with Master Black Penguin (follow him master yan) OPEN FOR ALL ! STRICTLY 4 PEOPLE per 1 ACC so 4peoplex5accounts = 20 slots WINNERS ON THIS THREAD : 1st group winner : yllib12(redeemed) PLQMJ(redeemed) Irvinnnn (redeemed)...
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    Kaunting kaalaman: Alam nio ba na kapag binaliktad ang Orange ito ay magiging it Itlog na hilaw?
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    Trivia Halloween Trivia

    DID YOU KNOW? The Michael Myers mask in Halloween has a fascinating backstory. The famous horror movie villain comes from surprisingly innocent roots. When shooting the original 1978 film, production designer Tommy Lee Wallace picked up two masks from a Hollywood Boulevard magic shop: a clown...
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    Trivia What are some really interesting trivia?

    Just Trivias :)
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    Trivia Closed

    Give me some Trivias! A great one! :)
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    ML Trivia

    Do you know any interesting trivia in Mobile Legends Land of Dawn lore?
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    Trivia Other Meteor ******/ celestial events for 2022

    Here are the other schedule you want to take note of, especially to those Asthropile 😊 who loves to gaze at meteors, Other Meteor ****** for 2022 📌Lyrids | April 21–22, 2022 The Lyrids reach their peak on the night of April 21–22, 2022, when you can expect to see an average of 10 meteors...
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    JOKER VIRUS! Mag ingat sa mga apps na ito

    Mag ingat sa mga app na ito mga paps Baka ma joker virus niyo nlng details sa yt o google search nio nlng. anjan sa pic ung list ng apps na dapat nating iwasan!!!
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    Trivia Batas

    cyber label sample po ng grave threat sample ng defamation
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    Smart TNT Sun Closed.

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    Trivia Pa Trivia 4

    What year was the very first model of the iPhone released? Answer: 2007 [/CODE]
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    Trivia Pa Trivia 3

    What’s the most expensive home in the world? Answer: Buckingham Palace [/CODE]
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    Trivia Pa Trivia 2

    Which country produces the most coffee in the world? Answer: Brazil [/CODE]
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    Trivia Pa Trivia 1

    In what year was the first-ever Wimbledon Championship held? Answer: 1877 [/CODE]
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    Trivia The Shadow People

    The Shadow People Do you ever see something out of the corner of your eye ? Like something moving really fast. A lot of people claim that these creatures are called “shadow people”. Most sitings have been through the peripheral vision because when you stare at them directly they disappear...
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    Tamang Relihiyon

    Anong tamang rehiliyon na nasa Biblia?
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    Trivia Closed!

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    Trivia Ang lalake nawalan ng mukha.

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    Pangit ang childhood mo kung...

    Pangit ang childhood mo kung hindi ka naging BATA
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    "This is just my theory, it might be right or wrong kayo nalang bahalang humusga." On some areas many people are wondering kaya not connected, stuck sa injecting/200 or minsan 302 kahit tama yung setup Ang sagot niyan ay unti-unti na pong kinakatay ni globe yung mga IP na gamit for no load...
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    Wild Rift Regional Open Beta in October 27! *simplified*

    Sa mga hindi pa nakakanood at nakakabasa nito. Ito lang yung contents niya - availability to everyone. Kahit hindi ka naka prereg YES PO OPO - in game reward to native lol player that use riot account pag wala gawa nalang daw ng riot account tas pwede mo inlink at makakakuha ka parin ng reward...
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    Trivia [Today I Found Out] Printers print a series of dots on each page that people can’t see.

    A Machine Identification Code (MIC), also known as printer steganography, yellow dots, tracking dots or secret dots, is a digital watermark which certain color laser printers and copiers leave on every single printed page, allowing identification of the device with which a document was printed...
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    Trivia Humidity and temperature

    Did you know? Antarctica is the only place on earth that has an almost 0% humidity? It is due to a fact that even though ice is basically water, it can't evaporate due to the extremely low temperature. Making Antarctica a polar desert.
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    Trivia Elephant trivias

    Nasaan ba ang pagkatao ng mga tao at pagka elepante ng mga elepante, hindi lang po sila basta Hippopotamus na may mahahabang ilong Ito ang pinakamalupit Hidden content Google Facts at googlefactss
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    Trivia Random fact

    Relation of Human and pencils Hidden content
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    Globe TM Mga 4g sims ng globe 5g READY NA

    YESSSS!!! Yung mga existing sims natin ay 5g ready narin. No need to buy new sims. Read it for yourselves SOURCE Pambili nalang ng 5g router, 5g phone, at hintay nalang ng 5g tower sa area namin wahhhahahah mga anak...