A tram (also known as a streetcar or trolley in North America) is a rail vehicle that travels on tramway tracks on public urban streets; some include segments on segregated right-of-way. The tramlines or networks operated as public transport are called tramways or simply trams/streetcars. Many recently built tramways use the contemporary term light rail. The vehicles are called streetcars or trolleys (not to be confused with trolleybus) in North America and trams or tramcars elsewhere. The first two terms are often used interchangeably in the United States, with trolley being the preferred term in the eastern US and streetcar in the western US. Streetcar or tramway are preferred in Canada. In parts of the United States, internally powered buses made to resemble a streetcar are often referred to as "trolleys". To avoid further confusion with trolley buses, the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) refers to them as "trolley-replica buses". In the United States, the term tram has sometimes been used for rubber-tired trackless trains, which are unrelated to other kinds of trams.
Tram vehicles are usually lighter and shorter than main line and rapid transit trains. Today, most trams use electrical power, usually fed by a pantograph sliding on an overhead line; older systems may use a trolley pole or a bow collector. In some cases, a contact shoe on a third rail is used. If necessary, they may have dual power systems—electricity in city streets and diesel in more rural environments. Occasionally, trams also carry freight. Trams are now commonly included in the wider term "light rail", which also includes grade-separated systems. Some trams, known as tram-trains, may have segments that run on mainline railway tracks, similar to interurban systems. The differences between these modes of rail transport are often indistinct and a given system may combine multiple features.
Ultra Light Rail ULR trains are trams are a developing light weight rail type, around <5T/axle (empty), for use in smaller cities and towns to replace main bus routes e.g. Coventry Very Light Rail, ULR Partners future-light-rail or lower use branch train lines. They may be normal trams, rail motor sized and/or smaller modular units capable of platooning. They offer all the advantages of traditional trams but their lower weight, prefabricated beam type tracks offer the possibility of avoiding costly services diversions, lightweight OHL Over Head Lines and/or onboard power options e.g. hydrogen, biomethane, battery, may mean reduced/eliminated OHL. Thus installation costs may be lower than traditional trains and trams.
One of the advantages over earlier forms of transit was the low rolling resistance of metal wheels on steel rails, allowing the trams to haul a greater load for a given effort. Another factor which contributed to the rise of trams was the high total cost of ownership of horses. Electric trams largely replaced animal power in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Improvements in other vehicles such as buses led to decline of trams in the mid 20th century. However, trams have seen resurgence in recent years. In 2014, the Aubagne tramway in Southern France became the first tram system in the world not to charge fares.

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  1. A

    S·T·S TNT UD blocking

    panget ka bonding ni trams 😢 nov 3 pa expired unli data 449. block agad 😔 naka 7days lang. moderate usage lang nakasalpak sa r281
  2. A

    Ud trams or ud gomo

    bumalik ung 3 unli data sa smart ko same meron sa dial at gigalife. kaso malakas ang gomo dito ma pa mamba gamit ko or sa 938 malakas sya. dahil mura sa smart at malakas naman kahit papa ano ang smart using mamba balik muna siguro ako sa smart
  3. B

    Help Trams

    Mawawala ba unli ko sa smart kapag gumamit ako vpn? Salamat sa sasagot
  4. U

    Help Customer service ni trams suko na

    Guys give up na si trams sa blocked sim ko na tnt. Wala na ba alternative way para mabalik data niya?
  5. B

    Wala na bang blocking si trams

    Gusto sana itry mag no load sa trams Gustos din kasi ang load ng load
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    Help Bagal ni trams ngayo ah.

    Kayo din ba?
  7. L


    Mga boss wala na yung unli data ni trams sa GCASH kahit yung (For personal use) at unlifam wala na. pwede kaya to yung may red na box unli tiktok tapos gamitan na lang ng vpn. pang 936 modem or ano kaya okay na promo. mabagal kase gomo at globe sa area ko.
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    Help TramS sim blocking Nov-Dec 2022 Update?

    magandang hapon sa lahat mga Boss tanong ko lang po sana kung meron pa rin bang blocking si tramS Talino ngayong panahon na ito, ilang taon din ako hindi naka login muli dito sa PHC. maraming salamat po.
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    Closed Ehi maker

    Good day po sa lahat ng pro maker at beginner dyan. I open this topic thread para nmn po matuto ako paano gumawa ng sarili kong ehi ng di nmn n po ako mging pabigat at looter lng pls po pa post nmn po paano gumawa dito kung pwede po yung basics lng muna at sinpleng gawin. Ito n nga pala yung...
  10. B

    Closed Trams bitag

    Guys konting info lang para sa kaka buti ng lahat pansin ko lang dami na block simula nung nilabas yung bagong noload proxy kasama na ko dun, mukang napainan tayo. Note: Wag nyo na muna gamitin yung bagong proxy mag load nalang muna kayo ng aoc tapos yung proxy nya gamitin nyo dapat sa pag...
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    Closed Nakakalokang balita

  12. V

    Closed 5days gaming ehi poregasin server 200status

    (TRAMS LTE SIM) - Register to AOC2⃣0⃣ to 9⃣9⃣9⃣9⃣ No TORRENT No CARDING/BANK TRANSACTION NFS(NOT FOR SALE) ✔Open Pocket/Modem ✔Open Rooted SSH ρrémíùm Account Singapore 5⃣days Feedback naman poh and like.. Pls lang basahin at sundin poh ang...
  13. V

    Closed 30daysbagsikehi asia server>>[request granted] pasok and download nyo na..

    (TRAMS LTE SIM) - Register to AOC2⃣0⃣ to 9⃣9⃣9⃣9⃣ No TORRENT No CARDING/BANK TRANSACTION NFS(NOT FOR SALE) ✔Open Pocket/Modem ✔Open Rooted SSH Gaming ρrémíùm Account Singapore 3⃣0⃣days Credits to PHcorner Community PHC-chris9⃣9⃣val Pafeedback nalang and like nadin poh.. 4G cover...
  14. V

    Closed ✔7daysbagsikehi

    (TRAMS LTE SIM) - Register to AOC2⃣0⃣ to 9⃣9⃣9⃣9⃣ No TORRENT No CARDING/BANK TRANSACTION NFS(NOT FOR SALE) ✔Open Pocket/Modem ✔Open Rooted SSH ρrémíùm Account Singapore 7days Credits to PHcorner Community PHC-chris9⃣9⃣val
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    Closed 1month gaming ρrémíùm account

    (TRAMS LTE SIM) - Register to AOC2⃣0⃣ to 9⃣9⃣9⃣9⃣ No TORRENT No CARDING/BANK TRANSACTION NFS(NOT FOR SALE) ✔Open Pocket/Modem ✔Open Rooted SSH Gaming ρrémíùm Account Netherlands 3⃣0⃣days Credits to PHcorner Community PHC-chris9⃣9⃣val Pafeedback...
  16. V

    Closed 2 pcs gaming ρrémíùm account ehi updated(6-3-2018)

    (TRAMS LTE SIM) - Register to AOC2⃣0⃣ to 9⃣9⃣9⃣9⃣ No TORRENT No CARDING/BANK TRANSACTION NFS(NOT FOR SALE) SSH Gaming ρrémíùm Account Singapore 2⃣days 1 - 2 - Credits to PHcorner Community PHC-chris9⃣9⃣val...
  17. V

    Closed Trams lte 7days netherland server

    (TRAMS LTE SIM) - Register to AOC2⃣0⃣ to 9⃣9⃣9⃣9⃣ No TORRENT No CARDING/BANK TRANSACTION NFS(NOT FOR SALE) ✔Open Pocket/Modem ✔Open for Rooted SSH ρrémíùm Account Netherlands 7⃣days Credits to PHcorner Community PHC-chris9⃣9⃣val Feedback and likes...
  18. J

    Closed Fb-based smart payload. katay na?

    Survey lang po kung nakaka connect pa yung mga gumagamit ng fb-based sa smart (Aoc,allout,alltext10). hindi ko po kasi mapa connect sakin, pero d ko pa na ttry sa hpi. TIA.
  19. V

    Closed Updated gaming ρrémíùm account(5-31-2018)

    (TRAMS LTE SIM) - Register to AOC2⃣0⃣ to 9⃣9⃣9⃣9⃣ No TORRENT No CARDING/BANK TRANSACTION NFS(NOT FOR SALE) ✔Open for Rooted ✔Open PocketWifi/Modem SSH ρrémíùm Gaming Account 3⃣days Credits to PHcorner Community PHC-chris9⃣9⃣val Pa feedback naman...
  20. V

    Closed Gaming account 2days 05-30-2018(updated gaming account)

    (TRAMS LTE SIM) - Register to AOC2⃣0⃣ to 9⃣9⃣9⃣9⃣ No TORRENT No CARDING/BANK TRANSACTION NFS(NOT FOR SALE) ✔Open PocketWifi ✔Open for Rooted SSH ρrémíùm Gaming Account 2⃣days Credits to PHcorner Community PHC-chris9⃣9⃣val
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    Closed Trams lte ρrémíùm account 61mb speed 7days aoc20 lng ang need

    Just register to AOC20.. ✔OPEN POCKETWIFI ✔OPEN FOR ROOTED ⛔NO TORRENT ⛔NO CARDING/BANK TRANSACTION ⛔NFS(Not For Sale) Credits to PHCorner Community PHC-chris99val
  22. V

    Closed 7daysaccount-hnh

    Trams LTE Sim (Recommended if LTE/4G cellphone or pocketwifi then merong 4G sa area mo..) For other network just load with unli FB Just Register to AOC20. Import the file "7daysAccount-HnH" to HTTP NET HEADER. Check nyo NO PROXY at START SSH. Press START. NO Torrent No Carding/Bank...
  23. V

    Closed Gaming ρrémíùm account(good for games low ms ping jitter)

    (TRAMS LTE SIM) - Register to AOC2⃣0⃣ to 9⃣9⃣9⃣9⃣ No TORRENT No CARDING/BANK TRANSACTION Mobile network only NFS(NOT FOR SALE) SSH Gaming ρrémíùm Account Singapore 2⃣days Credits to PHcorner Community PHC-chris9⃣9⃣val
  24. V

    Closed Alhezronashkenaz vip ssh account 24days trams aoc20

    (TRAMS LTE SIM) - Register to AOC2⃣0⃣ to 9⃣9⃣9⃣9⃣ No TORRENT No CARDING/BANK TRANSACTION ✔Open ROOTED/POCKETWIFI NFS(NOT FOR SALE) SSH VIP Account NEW YORK 2⃣4⃣days Credits to PHcorner Community & Alhezron_Ashkenaz for Account PHC-chris9⃣9⃣val Pa feedback and like na din poh..
  25. V

    Closed Trams 7days low ping bagsik fast download

    (TRAMS LTE SIM) - Register to AOC2⃣0⃣.. No TORRENT No CARDING/BANK TRANSACTION ✔Open ROOTED/POCKETWIFI NFS(NOT FOR SALE) SSH VIP Account NETHERLANDS 7⃣days For stable internet and speed.. Pls read for further instructions.. Click here Credits to...
  26. V

    S·T·S Trams aoc20 fast ehi(1 month)

    (TRAMS LTE SIM) - Register to AOC2⃣0⃣ to 9⃣9⃣9⃣9⃣ No TORRENT No CARDING/BANK TRANSACTION Block ROOTED for SECURITY NFS(NOT FOR SALE) SSH VIP Account NETHERLANDS 3⃣0⃣days Credits to PHcorner Community PHC-chris9⃣9⃣val Palike and feedback nalang poh.. Para sa kunting dagdag speed⚡⚡.. Go to...
  27. V

    Closed Aoc20 trams 1month

    1month ehi poh kayo dyan. Pang backup na din. Octacore fast NETHERLANDS server. Bawal po ang TORRENT, ATM TRANSACTION, häçk-kin ang asawa ng iba, at 2gb limitation data per day para safe sim nyo. Pag nag error. STOP-START lang po si injector HIT the...
  28. N

    Closed Smart lte ayaw gumana (north caloocan)

    May mga taga Bagong Silang po ba na smart user ? Kabibili ko lang ayaw gumana e kahit may data naman.
  29. P

    Closed 1month for smart

    For Smart Only! One Month! :) 302 status, 200 Connection Established! Use Promo: AT10, AOC20 or AT60 send to 9999 Blocked Rooted! Open for Wifi/Mobile Data NO Torrent! NO Hit & Run Pls! :D Fast YøùTùbé(1080P) Fast Download/Upload Streaming. Etc... Download Link...
  30. K

    Closed Trams free net

    good day mga ka phc. meron paba no load freenet sa trams? :)
  31. W

    Closed Smart data connection

    Ito po ba yung blocking? Kapapalit ko lang po ng smart sim para lang mag unli fb tapos kinabukasan hindi na po ako makapag data , walang lumalabas na Lte/3g . Unlifb lang naman po gamit ko aoc20 walang ginamit na vpn...
  32. I

    Closed Balik trams ako. kaso madaming tanong sa isip ko

    So ito na nga, gusto ko magbalik loob sa trams kaso madaming tanong ang nasa utak ko ngayun. So ito na nga yung mga tanong. 1. Diba madaming promo ang pwede sa trams? So iba ibang ehi din ang kailangan kada promo? Example sa aoc20 na ehi hindi sya gagana kapag ig10 ang promo mo? 2. Nakakablock...
  33. W

    Closed Game100

    Sino po nakapagtry na ng game100 sa smart? Mabagal po ba talaga? Gagamitin ko po sana pang gaming sa phone kaso sa nakita kong mga post dito tungkol sa game100 napakabagal and useless lang itong promo. Thanks in advance
  34. L

    Closed Free ehi internet smart globe

    Newly created ehi. nov.13. 4:28am Please try. Hope it works.
  35. Z

    Closed 30 days canda server ***ultrafast*** no block

    gawin mo muna yung nasa spoiler at i download ang EHI sa baba ... *****Make sure na ka check si Google DNS
  36. P

    Smart Lahat labas bypass for pc

    matagal ko ng gamit to kaya ishare ko na muna, evidence ko yang pic, i pm ko nalang sa mga tingin kong hindi spy ang procedure, gamit ko ay PC laptop and wifi 1.5gb ung recieve naka ilang disconnect narin ako kaya nag rereset yan lagpas na yan sa 3gb dami ko na nadownload sa YøùTùbé na mga full...
  37. G

    Closed No blocking , walqng browsing

    Napansin ko kai smart 3 Days na ngayon is wala na syang data blocking but nag no browsing na sya or bumabagal ng todo ang internet speed nya na tinalo pa ang MGC ng Globobo using a 2G network na kahit FB Lite pahirapan.. Naka abot narin ako ng 1GB pataas kada araw sa in a span of 3Days pero...
  38. V

    Closed Mga ka phc na nasa cebu may itatanong lang ako.

    Sino naka smart lte dyan na naka vpn? Mabilis ba sa inyo? Ang bagal kasi sa akin ngayon, 4g naman ang signal at malakas sya. Need feedback. Salamat :)
  39. V

    Closed Share some tips/tricks para di mablock ni trams.

    Hello! tips naman dyan para di ma block ang simcard. Salamat mga ka PHC
  40. N

    Closed Fast connect quad-payload for everyone ∆

    Enjoy. Click here to download Feedbacks would be appreciated. Duke Doge Update: For those asking which network this config is for, I'm quite sure i posted it under a specific network thread.
  41. V

    Payload kay trams

    Para nyo ng awa mga ka PHC kahit isang working payload lang para kay Trams. Luzon area Kapalit ng load para naman hindi masabi na basta lang nanghihinge. ty
  42. C

    Closed Arcade vpn users ! konting katanungan lang po.

    Good Day kaPHCorner Team!! Arcade ρrémíùm User ka po? pakisagot naman po tong ilang katanungan ko please? Bibili kasi ako ng isang ρrémíùm Account bukas for 100php. eh may mga gusto lang ako malaman 1.) BLOCK-PROOF po ba ang paggamit ng arcade vpn? ibig ko pong sabihin is, TNT subscriber po...
  43. C

    Closed Available pa ba yung surfmax na good for 3 or 6 months?

    malapit na kasi magexpire yung promo na nabili ko for 305php. may nagbebenta pa ba nun nowadays? please disregard my thread kung invalid po
  44. M

    Closed Ask

    Ano magandang internet promo kay trams ? Salamat sa papansin :)
  45. L

    Closed Trams v3

    Baka may iba na din nagpost nito pero share ko na din. Trams v3. Download nyo lang app. Open data / pocket wifi.. Wala ng settings, diretso connect na.. Feedback na lang kung working sa inyo.
  46. A

    Closed New sim surfmax (sipa sim)

    Guys, share ko lang hah.. Sino naka try kay surfmax sa mga bagong Sipa Sim? kasi sa akin, . Walang capping. 3g lang network ko. Comment below sa mga naka try, pero balita ko, sa first registration lang siya hindi capping, pag 2nd registration na sa surfmax, nagkakaping na, kaya sulitin nyo ang...
  47. C

    Closed Patanong lang po smart flextime 100 users here!!

    Hi Good Day Po PHCorner Team !! Few Questions Lang Po Sa Mga Flextime 100 Users Dito Ng Smart 1. Katulad po ng promo na ito si SAMPLE na Full Speed At Pausable ang online transaction? 2. Wala Po Ba Syang Capping? 3. Kung wala pong capping, nakakablock po ba ng sim pag over download? 4. Last...
  48. C

    Closed Suggest naman po kayo ng data plan sa smart postpaid

    Good Day Po Sa Lahat!! Ask ko lang po kayo kung anong data plan ang mgandang i avail sa amrt postpaid.. yung malaki ang monthly allowance.. yung smart enterprise plan po kasi di ko magets.. please pashare naman po ako alam niyong plan na pwede ako mag download.. thanks po