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    Tutorial Find serial key/***** for any software

    Delete if repost, Move if wrong section Now in this thread i am going to explain all possible ways to Find the serial Key a.) Using Google b.) Using Craagle Software c.) Using serials search websites. A. Finding Serial Key using Google : To Get the serial number from googleyou have to...
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    Tutorial Download torrent file on piratebay the easy way

    Delete if repost, Move if wrong section 1. In the link, delete the "/torrent" part ↑ delete this part 2. Before the link, add "torrents." 3. At the end of the link, add ".torrent" 4. Click enter and you're done! Hit thanks na lang if nakatulong :)
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    Hello... tot3x is here

    Hello po mga fellow members and staffs. Glad to be part of this site, hope to learn more tricks here... :gangnamstyle: 🆕 :gangnamstyle: