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    Closed Talk and text psiphon handler settings

    •• Talk N Text default •• - Psiphon Pro 108 hui + Fresh Proxy server - (No load, Not registered to any promo) Hui settings Proxy Type: Real Host Proxy Server: Save. wait 3 to 5 minutes to connect . . . Note: Off data / On data and Force Stop Psiphon108 if the first try is...
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    Closed Tnt! pinakamalupit na psiphon

    Tnt Psiphon No load, no promos Smart Default APN Just install, Connect And Enjoy. Mabilis Mgconnect Hanep sa bilis DL here: Psiphon Xtreme 110 © Sir Gabriel Mata Cornelio
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    Closed Any psiphon updated settings (09-23-06)

    any help for using psiphon.. TIA
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    Closed Psiphon

    may nakakapag pagana ba ng psiphon sa online gaming? tsaka sa videos, kung meron po pa turo ng config. thanks.
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    Closed Psiphone proxy tnt

    Ito gumagana pa sakin try nyo din sa inyo...
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    S·T·S Psiphon settings for everyone!

    101% working settings para kay psiphon. Prefferably psiphon A+ pro. May capping pero auto restart naman. Pm sa may gusto bilis! Para iwas katay .
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    Closed TNT Psiphon Setting Zero Load Balance

    I just want to share my TNT Psiphon Setting using default APN even Zero Load balance Stable siya para sakin. Handler: Server: SpeedTest: