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TM:103 Hustlerz Ambition is the sixth studio album by American rapper Young Jeezy. It was released on December 20, 2011, by CTE World and Def Jam Recordings.
The album had been delayed for nearly two years, missing several purported release dates which have all been denied by representatives from Def Jam Recordings. The album marks the third album in his Thug Motivation series, along with Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101 (2005), and The Inspiration (2006).

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  1. G

    Closed Ask lang about sa tm pamatong ?

    Ano magandang pamatong sa Gosurf50 sa TM pa expired na kasi sayang Yung 5.5gb ko .. Salamat sa tutulong mga ka PH .
  2. J

    Closed Help to fix my net please.

    Good evening po sa lahat. Grabe nkakasindak amg mga pangyayare kaya pala di nko mkakonek deads na pla si payload google based. :) Patulong mga ka Phc pang narative ko lang po please.
  3. D

    Closed Gamitin si surfalert kahit kinain ang load mo.

    Hi, This is my second thread at gusto kong e share sa inyo na hindi mo na kailangan mag load ulit kung kinain ni Globe ang load mo kahit naka on na si SURFALERT. Ito ang kadalasang problema natin dahil nasa mentality natin na kapag nakain na ang load, e mag papasaload ulit para ma activate si...
  4. M


    Testing lang kung gagana senyo . 1. Register ka sa kahit anong promo ng tm .. Ex: C10 2. After mag subscribe Sa promo. Text FREE WATTPAD to 8888 . Then boom ! You can enjoy unlimited internet and coc for free . NO EXPIRY . May dadating senyo na 30mb free wattpad . Kahit di kana mag load ulit...
  5. 3

    Closed Para sa Patapon na Sim, free load unlimited !!!!

    Guys gusto ko lang i share ung mga nadiscover ko this past day about dun sa Utang Offerang sa TM. Patapon na kasi sim ko eh papalitan ko na sya sundin nyo lang guys mga instructions ko sa inyo :) 1. dial *143# 2. select 6 (utang load) 3. sel. 1 ( Utang Offers) 4. sel. 3 (utang load 5) 5. sel...
  6. R

    TM [tut] local/international text without using internet,absolutely free

    [TUT] Local/International text without using internet,absolutely free Mga ka phcorner,eto na ang pinaka naiibang tricks at siguradong enjoy kayo dito lalo na sa pagtext local man o international. 1.bumili ng bagong sim TM. 2.default pin is 1234 3.mag enter ng maling code sa pin1 at pin2 at...

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