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TM Net is an Internet service provider in Malaysia. As of 2009, it was the only fixed line broadband provider in Malaysia It also provides Internet Protocol television and other multimedia services. TM Net is a wholly owned subsidiary of Malaysia's main telecommunication provider, TM Bhd.
TM Net was established in 1995 by Telekom Malaysia as part of Malaysia National Broadband Plan. On 1 November 1996, TM Net launched its dial up service under short code 1515, as the second national ISP. TMNET has been serving its customer for more than 20 years. On 10 August 2017, TM discontinued its Dial-Up and ISDN services.
DSL was initially deployed on a trial basis. The first commercial trial of ADSL by TM was done through a service known as HiS that was deployed together with Ericsson in 1999.
The original Streamyx broadband service was launched in April 2001 at the speed of 384 kbit/s has been discontinued. In June 2007, TM Net launched its 4 Mbit/s service at selected locations. On 8 January 2013, TM Net launched its 8 Mbit/s service at selected locations, and extended the IPTV services HyppTV to Streamyx customers.
On 24 March 2010, TM launched its fiber optic broadband service, Unifi.

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    Globe TM Free Sur4All 5gb comment your number so I can share Gtm only.

    Paexpire na Sur4all ko within 1 and half hour.. drop nalng your number sa gusto.. . Sayang diko magamit na ka pldt wifi kasi ako. Thanks.
  2. A

    Closed Anung payload na gamit nyo sa highactive30?

    Help mga boss kung aning gamit nyo na payload sa highactive30. Salamat
  3. H

    Closed Tm not tested

    May ganito lumabas sa Tm ko Sa globe na 10/100.11 to 115 ay no load Pero sa Tm na 10.57 d ko pa na try pero nakuha ko yan kanina try ko mag ip hunt Sa mga gusto mag explore try nyo po ito po SS po .....Tm only
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    Closed Unlitext to all networks+++

  5. R

    Closed Coc5 only

    Mga bossing may napansin lang ako sa promo ko na coc5, kasi nung, march 1 pa ung promo ko pero hangang ngayon connected pa ako at no cap pa, May makakapagpaliwanag ba nito mga boss?
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    Closed Proxifier setting for ish

    Ito na sa gsto proxifier setting pra sa IHS ni sir blackmaster maraming salamt nga pla ky blackmaster DL Link: note: wag na lagyan ng proxy ang browser at idm just run and start IHS at proxifier pra sa setting ng IHS punta...
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    Closed Use mgc apn for tm

    Gawing nyong lang to Port:443 . . Realport:8080 Yung realport yung katabi ni header host . . Header Host:x-online-host . . Proxy Host: . . SSL . . Simple . . . Sana gumana sa Inyu for Luzon visayas mindanao yan :)
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    Closed 100% WORKING for TM Visayas area

    hanapin nyo nalang yung mgc tricks na apn then DL nyo ponpon100 by dzebb then,open nyo ponpon then go option/more opt then, connect through http/use the following setting host address: port:8080 then back and start psiphon feedback nalang...