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    Closed Tm bug trick

    Gana po ba sa tm yung bug trick?
  2. M

    Closed Tm free call to any network

    TM FREE CALL TO ALL NETWORK Easy Steps lang Just Add +804 Ex. +804*09123456879 Enjoy :D Note: TM lang guys.
  3. R

    Closed Help

    patulong naman po ung bug unli ng TM please. poor kasi me thanks po
  4. L

    TM TM :)

  5. C

    Unli one month

    pano po ba mag unli ng one month
  6. G

    Closed Paano po mag 1 month unli sa tm? thank you po.

    Wala po kasi akong makitang pang 1 month unli sa TM. Sana po may masuggest kayo kung pano.
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    Closed how to bug tm sim for free internet

    help naman guys.hihirapan akko kaka search kung pano ma bug tm sim ko sana may tumulog.:worthy:
  8. S

    Magic IP (for globe/tm) (June 11,2013)

    tested ko po sa huawei y210 ko. (android) . e2 po gamit ko ngaun. no restricted sites.. pakitest po kung gana sa inyo. :)
  9. S

    TM Immortal text trick

    FeedBack na lng pag gumana sa inyo! :worthy::worthy: :worthy:
  10. B

    G·TM Any tm webtrick working combi?

    Patulong mga boss... Yung working na combi webtrick sa TM Kasi puro Globe na lang yung working eh Please leave a comment na lang
  11. T

    G·TM Tm

    sir bgo lng po aq testingin ko po
  12. C

    Closed Unlimited 1 month internet>>walang katay!!!proven and tested

    Prerequisites Cellphone na pwedeng mapagsabay ang text at dial 1. Save this as letter A para madaling madial *143*2*4*2*1*1*1# 2. Create a message SUPERSURF999 send to 8888 Habang nag sesend pa lng, dial niyo agad ang letter A dapat mauna ang message sent b4 matapos ang dial After 1 and...
  13. E

    G·TM Bug trick.. mejo makunat sya.. haha

    FOR TM USER. SUPERSURF999(one month) working sya mejo pahirapan nga lang it took me 5 times bago ko nagawa.. "pag may tyaga, may adobo!" KUNG ALAM NYO NA ANG SMS+DIAL TRICK, ETO: text SUPERSURF999 to 8888 while sending.. dial *143*2*4*2*1*1*1#.. yup! tatlong 1 para astig! hahhah! pag di...

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