tm autobug

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    what is the latest tm bug?

    Ano po ba latest na tm bug?? Patulong naman poh oh.. Pleeeeaassse
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    Tm and globe load bug

    Magpaload ng 30 Iregister ang mga sumusunod •U15-8888 •AC10-8888 Kung ikaw ay mag reregister agad mas magandapag sabay mong sinend yung dalawang promo
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    Closed Tm autobug tools

    TM autobug tool for s60v1,s60v2 & s60v3 REQUIREMENTS: --==>> s60v1,s60v2 & s60v3 phones --==>> phyton procedure added on the attachment... tools added on the attachment... other bug tricks: TM AUTOBUG TOOL Globe Bug Tool IBUG for Globe/TM Globe KABOOM GoSakto OneShot