thank you masters

"Thank You Girl" is a song recorded by the English rock band the Beatles, written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney (Lennon–McCartney). It was issued as the B-side of the single "From Me to You", which was recorded on the same day (5 March 1963). While not released on an LP in the United Kingdom until Rarities in 1978, the song was the second track on The Beatles' Second Album in the United States. As the B-side of the single "Do You Want to Know a Secret", it hit No. 35 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the spring of 1964.

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  1. R

    Closed To all postern masters... thank you so much

    your proxies help us a lot... make our phones amazing at all tyms even though i dont know all of u but your the most kind persons who share for the sake of non... thank u so much.
  2. S

    Closed Tnt/sun

    pa help naman po mga sir ayaw po kase comonect ng akin kahit bago na yung config na gamit ko... tapos minsan nakakasagap naman pero ayaw parin comonect ano dapat kung gawin mga sir..
  3. R

    Closed Welcome to me..

    salamat po..
  4. K

    Closed Sharing

    thank you for accepting me her . all i want is to share my blessing to all of you .
  5. Q

    Closed Sa mga master dyan.

    sino po may alam kung pano mag ups up to +11 ng armor and weapon sa ran gs. salamat na papansin.
  6. R

    Closed Good evz ts

    pahingi ng config ts
  7. E

    Smart MAC .pem .key

    Hello mga master, nais ko po sanang makahinge ng tulong, kung maari po sana pwedeng makahinge ng pem key para po sa modem po,. mahal po kasi ang mac. pa inbox nalang po kung meron salamat..
  8. D


    Sir patulong po pa unlock ng motorola phone ko ... MODEL : moto E (2nd gen) with 4G LTE IMEI:353338061061385 THANKS IN ADVANCE :)
  9. S

    Closed remove or kill trojan

    mga boss patulong po, na virus kasi laptop ko ni kabayong trojan..ano po pwd gawin mawala si trojan except sa reformat sa laptop ko my ibang way pa ba?d kasi ma patay ni 360 anti virus ko..salamat sa sasagot..
  10. D

    Closed Mensahe ng pasasalamat^^,

    salamat dito JACOBEAST connected nako yehey thank you so much ikaw lang po bukod tangi na nag bigay sakin thank you^^,
  11. B

    Closed Salamat sir bombet0726

    I just want to post my most gratitude to sir bombet0726 last march 1 1am to 4am nagrequest ako na kung pwede maisecure nya ang aking globe modem username and password dahil laging naiisnipe using angry ipscanner walang pagdadalawang isip po nya tineam viewer ang pc ko from 1-4am kaya gust ko po...
  12. J

    Closed Cebu city

    salamat sa pagtanggap
  13. P

    Closed Nice to be here!!!

    ..hello to all, im happy being one of a new member here in PHcorner, so much help for everyone. Nakakatuwa magbasa ng mga thread .. Hehe sana wag ako magkaroon ng violation kaya naman basa basa mode ako, at iwas short cut text :geek::bookworm:
  14. K

    Closed Safezone ba si Sen.B

    ITO para sa mga safezone kay pareng bong bong..easy way para mabalik at makapag browse kayo my kamahalan nga lang pero hindi naman mababawasan load nyo...alam nyo na LOAD PROTECT ON ROAM ON(wait confirmation) ROAM OFF(wait confirmation) POWERAPP OFF Turn off modem or phone (reboot) Meron na...
  15. K


    Sana maka tulong sainyo guys kung laging safezone kayo ky senator 1month wala ng kwento kwento pa ang alam ko lng naka 5 sim na ko dto FOR NEW SIM TIPAKLONG (50mb)free net Procedures:ISALPAK ANG NEW SIM TXT LOAD PROTECT ON off ang data connection mag pa load dipende sainyo kung direct 1month or...
  16. J

    Closed Smart zte pa unlock any one pls help..

    Can anyone help me how can i unlock my smart zte broadbrand... thank you...
  17. K

    Closed Hi to all PH Corner Family

    I want to start to say Thank you to the admins for accepting my registration. It's been a year since my registration here. I sometimes logged-in but in a few minutes only due to busy of work, that's why it's my first time to make a intro thread. Hope that you will still welcomed me. I want to...

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