WTR-Ten10 refers to the team partnership between the WTR (San Marino) and Ten10 Racing (Bangalore, India) teams, which is structured on a three-year basis. It is the first team from India to participate in the MotoGP. The team will feature in the new Moto3 class in 2017 and also has intentions to compete in the Moto2 category in the future. In the 125cc category, the new collaboration will also provide an Italian and an Indian rider on the 2017 7grid, signifying the first participation for an Asian country in the World Championship.

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    Closed Established

    pano maging established? di ko.makita mga post po.........
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    Closed Asus zenfone go questions

    ask q lng mga sir sino dto my asus zenfone go 5.5 inch 16gb LTe.. 3g lng kasi data nya kht lte sa lugar q..tapos lte din sim q.. kahapon q lng xa binili...help
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    Closed Experience fast vpn ρrémíùm 6hours trial full

    pinakamabilis na vpn trial na nagamit q...6 hours ρrémíùm magagamit mo lhat ng server nila enjoy mga ka phc https://s30.postimg.org/ugyft3v0h/image.png
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    Closed Vpn for globe 1month expiry for pc/laptop

    cdc trick lang mga kababayan :) https://www.datafilehost.com/d/d305d733
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    Closed Any promo for Smart prepaid?

    Guys may alam po ba kayo na pang unli sa smart? like unli to all net for 1 month or unli txt to smart tnt or sun.
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    Smart ask ko lang about sa smart

    di kasi ako maka receive ng mga txt or calls sa smart simcard ko 3 days na kahit i txt ko wala dumadating max nmn ung signal niya ano kaya problema?
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    Closed Alternate for ITunes no need install (for apple ipod only)

    alternate for itunes no need install.. para kahit saan pwde mag change music, movie etc... Steps: *********** ipod then open Sharepod... thats all :) user friendly siya, kaya no need to worry like and feedback na din thanks to all PHC
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    G·TM Good

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    G·TM Share ko yung nagawa ko ngayon lang..from globobo

    nasa notepad yung details Dial Trick po sya feedback nalang galing sa inyo ^__^ update lang po ito from the other nag share pra mas malinaw at mbilis maka pag bug :) Wag nyo nalng DL para di na mag comment at mag like pa i lalabas ko nalng pag di nyo gusto yung trick edi wag i try :) wla...
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    G·TM Sorry, the keyword you entered is invalid. >.<

    so sad wala ngayon bug sa globe na try kona lahat ng SMS trick and Web Trick lahat lumalabas ay ganito "Sorry, the keyword you entered is invalid." para sa mga newbie wag magalit sa mga nag share kung ayaw gumana yung mga trick nila kasi maintenance ang globo ngayon patient lang tayo :) pero...

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