"Tatsulok" (Filipino word literally translated to Triangle; paraphrased as Pyramid) is a Filipino folk song originally composed by Rom Dongeto in 1989 and performed in 1991 by his trio folk-rock band, called "Buklod", which includes Noel Cabangon and Rene Boncocan. The song explains to a young man that there's an ongoing war and that the war is just the effect of a bigger problem. It tells the young man to take action and topple a pyramid upside-down to end a never-ending war between the rich and the poor.
The song was popularized in 2007 by the band, Bamboo, when they released their third album We Stand Alone Together with their version of Tatsulok along with it. Since the release of Bamboo's Tatsulok, the song has become the anthem of young Filipino activists.

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    Tatsulok: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    The song Tatsulok by Bamboo is one of the songs that rings true to a lot of Filipinos. He did not create the idea, but he is one of the most influential to put the idea forward. In fact, this idea is pretty common to most, if not all, of capitalist societies. Let us explore the inner workings...
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