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    G·TM Fair Use Policy for Super Surf, Power Surf and BB Max

    As I mention Before. I am an Agent for Globe Care Postpaid Account. Na limutan ko lang i-Share na may update Pala. Kaya basa na lang mga ka PHC.. If you think this Thread Helps you. Pa like na lang. 1. Why does Globe implement a Fair Use Policy? Globe Fair Use Policy is implemented to...
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    Globe [HELP] Pocket Wifi 4G Internet häçk?

    Ewan ko kung tama tong thread na pinagpost ko. Globe din kasi gagamitin kong SIM. Sa mga Admin. Pa Transfer na lang po kung saang tamang Section to.:banghead: Yun lang po. Kung merong Internet häçk Pocket Wifi 4G galing kay Globo. Pa Share naman. Thanks.(y)
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    Globe Globe Advisory for DUO, SuperDUO, BlackBerry & Roaming Promos

    GLOBE Advisory: We’d like to let you know that registrations to DUO, SuperDUO, BlackBerry & roaming promos will be unavailable to some postpaid accounts on Nov 3 (1am-3am,6pm-12mn) & Nov 4 (12am-8am) because of a system activity. If you are already registered during the said periods, your...
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    Mga Boss.. I've been seraching for FREE WECHAT..atleast WECHAT.for Globe Sim. Eh kasi wala akong makita sa thread. Meron naman sa Search Box. Pero di na kasi Update. Pa link naman po yung WORKING pa AS OF 10/14/2013. And for Android Handset.:borg: For Admins. Pa Close na lang po once meron ng...
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    G·TM FREE FB! Working as of 10/20/2013 This is a PROMO not a BUG!

    Guys. Promo valid until. 01/20/2014. Check na lang ha? pa like narin..na kita ko to sa Bible namin dito sa Office. I work as Care Postpaid for Globe. Ssshhh.. :yuck: This is 100% working. No Tricks or No MOD needed.:android: I know this may be useless. Since nag-kalat na mga MGC...
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    Help Q> BBMAX FOR NON BBerry handset?

    Hi, tanong ko lang mga ka PHC. before kasi. kumalat ang bakulaw na tsismis about sa BBMAX599 subscription. That its working for non BBerry handset, like iPhone or Android Phones. tanong ko lang. working pa ba to as of now? I'm working at Globe CSR Agent. Pero bawal kasing magtanong...

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