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Student activism or campus activism is work by students to cause political, environmental, economic, or social change. Although often focused on schools, curriculum, and educational funding, student groups have influenced greater political events.Modern student activist movements vary widely in subject, size, and success, with a variety of students in various educational settings participating, including public and private school students; elementary, middle, senior, undergraduate, and graduate students; and all races, socio-economic backgrounds, and political perspectives. Some student protests focus on the internal affairs of a specific institution; others focus on broader issues such as a war or dictatorship. Likewise, some student protests focus on an institution's impact on the world, such as a disinvestment campaign, while others may focus on a regional or national policy's impact on the institution, such as a campaign against government education policy. Although student activism is commonly associated with left-wing politics, right-wing student movements are not uncommon; for example, large student movements fought on both sides of the apartheid struggle in South Africa.Student activism at the university level is nearly as old as the university itself. Students in Paris and Bologna staged collective actions as early as the 13th century, chiefly over town and gown issues. Student protests over broader political issues also have a long pedigree. In Joseon Dynasty Korea, 150 Sungkyunkwan students staged an unprecedented demonstration against the king in 1519 over the Kimyo purge.Extreme forms of student activism include suicide such as the case of Jan Palach's, and Jan Zajíc's protests against the end of the Prague Spring and Kostas Georgakis' protest against the Greek military junta of 1967–1974.

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    I need your advice please...

    Hello po! 2 weeks nalang pasukan na pero hindi pa rin ako enroll sa kahit anong school. I applied to a school somewhere and nakapasa ako dun. The problem is yung mga kasama kung nag apply nag back out at nagpa enroll na sa dati naming school. Medyo malayo yung school na pinag applyan namin and...
  2. J

    Help How to be a good programmer

    How to be a good programmer... Im a college student. I took IT as my course... Pero i dont know how to be like others .. Na ang gagaling mag program.. Somebody help...
  3. M

    Review vs ml

  4. C

    Pwede pa ba akong mag enroll and ipagptuloy ang nasimulam ko sa college 3years ago this second sem

    Pwede pa ba akong mag enroll and ipagptuloy ang nasimulam ko sa college 3years ago this second sem ng 2018? Nag stop kasi ako bigla 3 years ago kasi dahil sa financial and family problem. Ngayon gusto ki ipagpatuloy pagaaral ko kaso hindi ko alam if tatanggapin pa ba ako as college or magiging...
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    Closed Help please!!

    Ano po ito? I tried browsing YøùTùbé tutorials on how to fix DLL issues and unfortunately, none of them worked.
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    Ibang topic naman! studyante ka? pasok dito.

    Pamenrtion sa mga hardworking students dyan like me. lols nahihirapan ka bang maghanap ng reliable sources for ur research study o thesis? try to use this link and search any info. u want.Happy reading... Hope it helps. -isang like lang happy nako -ctto
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    Closed May pasok na naman!

    Hahays, gusto lo na grumaduate!
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    Closed Automotive mechanical student

    Hi guys. Im 3rdyear student po. Hanggang ngayon wala pa ako idea about sa thesis namin. Gusto ko sana mang hingi ng ideas sainyu pra mka bou kami ng thesis at mka grad na. Hahahaha thanks!!!
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    Help reviewer for civil engineering students, tra usap tau dto!

    Mga ka ts may alam ba kaung mga review ng civil engineering pdf books na pwede i download pa help po need lng po tlaga para makapasa this sem at sa board exam
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    Closed Help help help pls

    help please, how to fix po ang slow and choppy video playback ng old netbook ko. for video editing and school projects ang role ng netbook ko, eh 1080x1920 palang ang vid na pinaplay ko baka 3-4 fps lang. pls help po. acer aspire one d270 po name ng netbook. (i know po na kapag old na ang...
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    Closed HELP NAMAN

    Help naman sa problem ko. estudyante po ako so kailangan ko talaga ang tulong niyo. Kapag ginagamit ko ang Microsoft word starter 2010 ko ang sabi niya "Click 2 run application manager: Click 2 run configuration failure" kailangan ko pa naman sa mga assignments ang projects naming. :(( thank you po.
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    Closed Payo po please: Pano makikipag deal sa pasaway na kagrupo

    sorry po kung hindi ko alam kung ito ang tamang section para ipost ito. kailangan ko po kasi ng opinion nyo mga sir at mam. isa po akong com sci student na "mejo" malapit nang makatapos. hindi naman ako yung acting leader sa group namin sa thesis pero nasakin yung initiative ngayon para...