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In computer networks, download means to receive data from a remote system, typically a server such as a web server, an FTP server, an email server, or other similar system. This contrasts with uploading, where data is sent to a remote server.
A download is a file offered for downloading or that has been downloaded, or the process of receiving such a file.

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  1. A

    Help s†rêâmïng and download site

    Sino naman po dyan meron link kung saan pwede mag dl or stream nang. Anime at kdrama. Pasagot naman nga master. Nag babalik ako manood anime eh. Kaso mga link na alam ko noon wala na. Help naman po please. Thanks
  2. D

    Anime site for streaming and download

    Pa suggest naman po ng anime sites for streaming at pwede magdownload. Salamat po mga ka-PHC.
  3. M


    Good pm mga master, any recommendations po ng magandang site for streaming and downloading movies or movie series. Thanks mga master! 😊
  4. Q

    Frěę Stěämîng Sïtě that I use

    Site Im using to watch for free Hidden content
  5. G

    Closed môviê Central 1.3 free NO ACCOUNT NEEDED Already Available in Google Play Store

    New and Improved Movie Central Enhanced responsive UI Download Link: DOWNLOAD HERE
  6. P

    Closed new update 7 days gaming hpi singapore digital ocean server no capping no blocking

    7 days ρrémíùm server config for http injector in pc injected with secret payload Note: use latest http injector in pc Download link: Feedback mga sir salamat :)
  7. K

    Closed No cap ehi, phil server! walang kuskos balungos!

    Dahil birthday q ngaun, ginawan q kau nanh ehi, Good for 5days, subrang bilis mga boss.. Good for streaming, downloading, note walang capping to ang maganda pa dahil mahal q kau PH server to.. So alam nyo na pag ph server daming magagawa. Mag load lang nang gosurf, oh kahit anung promo na...
  8. A

    Closed Real-debrid ρrémíùm account

    mga paps pahingi naman ng real-debrid ρrémíùm account pang stream sa teatv, showbox at terrarium. yung free account ang bagal ng download
  9. P

    Closed 31 mbps sun all fb promo gaming and streaming no capping 60 ms ktr

    For Gaming 60ms And Streaming 720 60 fps So ayon Expired na yung mga config na inupload ko kasi 7 days lang yon eto update uli tayo panibago mas mabilis to 31 mbps dito sa location ko Salamat din sa mga Nag download at nag Feedback sa streaming Kaya nya Pinaka sagad na Definition sa YøùTùbé...
  10. G

    Closed 5 days streaming online

  11. 0

    Closed Make your YøùTùbé streaming fast using your freenet (exclusive for rooted phones)

    NOTE: DO AT YOUR OWN RISK. Step 1: Open your favorite root file browser and make your way to /data/data/øùTùbé/shared_prefs and begin editing the file "YøùTùbé.xml" in your favorite root text editor example ES File Explorer Step 2: add the following lines immediately below...
  12. 0

    Closed Ehi for tnt using new ps sa mga hindi na maka connect (not applicable for rooted phones)

    Hello PHC. This morning I am about to post the proxy server pero sabi ko wag nalang kaya eto yung promise kung EHI file using my backup proxy server by the way block po yung rooted phone. Follow the Link below: Just download and used it pag di ka maka connect let pm me and I will teach you...
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    Closed Download Almost All Movies Being Streamed (non-java)

    updated What You Need: -UC browser -Internet Connection Where to Download: or any streaming sites (where you can play the video) like YøùTùbé. first: check if your UC web browser has Video Downloader plugin.(especially android)...
  14. T

    Closed Stream | Download Movies Online

    Hi guys nakita ko lang tong ghost town na forum baka gusto nyo sumali. bali lahat nang movie sa openload nakalagay. try nyo lang kakasimula lang ata nila. ito ang link: HERE
  15. E

    Closed Download any video using Google Chrome

    Download any streaming video using only Google Chrome browser. WITHOUT INSTALLING ANYTHING. INSTRUCTIONS: open your Google Chrome and go to the video you want to download. click Tools -->More tools --> Developer tools click --> Network Play the video and look below for longest timeline. if...
  16. Y

    Download videos from You-tube, Streaming Sites

    Hello All, I noticed people here asking for some videos and how to download them and stuff. I want to help out by sharing a little of what I know. No registration and no fees required. And as always, the thing I'm most allergic to, no BS. The link attached to this post will help you 1...

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