"Someone Belonging to Someone" is the second and the last single from the soundtrack Staying Alive (1983), a quiet ballad performed by the Bee Gees.

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    Help Any tips on how to trace or locate someone?

    Pa help naman po mga master kung paano, ma trace or ma locate ang isang tao or yung phone
  2. C

    Crypto Bec wallet

    paano ko ma recover ung password ko sa bec. Hindi ko kasi ma transfer sa okex ung assets ko...need ng password eh nakalimutan ko...baka may makatulong sa akin
  3. C

    Trivia Special someone

    Di ko alam kung tama ba yung section na to, palipat nalang po kung mali
  4. J

    Trivia Deep..

  5. E

    Closed Globe 1month

    Hi wala pa ako ehi pero gagawa ako someday
  6. T

    Closed Deads naba si om?

    My pag asa pba bumalik si om?
  7. W

    Closed How to make hpi guys

    how to make hpi guys
  8. B

    Closed Someone tonight

    i found someone tonight he's perfect every sight a good one i should keep throughout times that i need hope he will find it fine status he'll never mind commitment is not yet time just enjoy moments bind incase he'll left after do i need to suffer? pain for leaving me behind loner, for not...
  9. Y

    Closed you do :)