"Someone Belonging to Someone" is the second and the last single from the soundtrack Staying Alive (1983), a quiet ballad performed by the Bee Gees.

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    LF Talent Looking for someone POGO Abroad.

    Female not more than 30 years old 39K Salary. Qualifications Computer literate Can speak basic english. With passport willing to work in LAOS 2 years contract With or without experience.
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    Looking for someone who are working on csr pogo love stuff investment stuff

    looking for someone na marunong gumawa ng naughty site dating site sa us like benaughty onenight friend and other affiliate i hope someone can help me ty mga sir/mam. na also nag wowork sa csr pogo san kayo nag hahanap ng mga traffic/clients for your work
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    Is talking stage considered as courting someone?

    mga paps malinaw na pag kakaintindi lang.. talking stage is it ligaw na ba agad? kase diba you were just knowing each other palang naman ang by that you can leave the person or not kung hindi okay diba.. so for both parties there’s shouldn’t be feel sorry about it?
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    Looking For Looking for someone to edit a photo (add text lang)

    Looking for a friend. Need nya ng mag eedit ng text sa image na di magmumukhang pinatong lang. PM me your rate. Thanks!
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    When someone

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    PSA: Someone can st3al your photos and gawin tong nüde using AI

    Guys be careful na po sa pag accept ng mga tao sa social media niyo or mas maganda lessen your post na ng mga pictures na personal (for all genders). May mga app na kase ngayon na kayang gawing nüde yung photos niyo and super realistic. San ko nalaman? Kasali ako sa isang community(di lang to...
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    How can you make someone fall in love when one can't feel love...?

    A person I know has been living alone... His not a loner he can act normal in society and pretty much normal in social events and activities but His has a severe inferiority complex To the point that he tells himself he has zero friends... Most of us are just mere acquaintance or work buddies...
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    Help Need someone with US bank account (Not wise)

    Hello, sino po dito may US bank account? Baka pwede makisuyo ng payment. Idedeposit dun. Then sesend sakin (local bank account). Bibigyan ko kayo certain amount for doing the favor. Thank you po
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    Help Can Someone upload Station Eleven 2021 series Please?

    Can Someone upload Station Eleven 2021 series Please? I want to watch it so badly. Thank you so much
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    C & C++ Can someone enlighten me, please.

    #include <stdio.h> int main() { int a[] = {1,0,2,1,9}; int b[] = {1,1,2,1,0,1}; printf("%d", a[b[a[1]]]+a[0]); return 0; } ano po ba talaga ang output dito? my answer is 1. but when i ask chatGPT about it, why is it saying that the output is 2.
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    Help Need help finding someone sa socmed

    may nakamatch akong girl sa tinder 1 year ago, gusto ko lang malaman socmed niya may way po ba? Ps. mabait po akong tao huhuh gusto ko lang malaman if buhay paba si ate gurl
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    Using someone to move on..

    Mga paps.. pa advice naman.. So ganto kasi ung problema ko. Last dec. Nag break up kami ng past relationship ko.. and kasalanan ng girl kong baket kami nag break. After 2 years of relation ship parang hirap ako mag move on. And now 2 weeks may nakilala ako na tropa ng friend ko. Which nasabi nya...
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    Never undermine your importance. YOU ARE VITAL TO SOMEONE. Good day!

    wear them on your sleeve.. carry them in your heart.. or backpack.. ;)😊
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    Does someone have Cherry Mobile S8 Prime Firmware?

    Does someone have the recovery/firmware for this device, can you please give me the firmware file of it? Need it for my s8 prime (hard bricked) thanks.
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    Someone can recommend about pc build?

    Konti lang kasi kaalaman ko about sa pc build or hardware, baka may i rerecommend kayong pc build list na kaya sa AAA game, video editing, 3D making Blender, 2D animation?
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    Tutorial How to email someone anonymously (PRIVATE METHOD) THAT THE FBI CANT EVEN CATCH YOU

    This is some of my private methods (Supposed to be for sale) to email someone anonymously that the FBI can't even catch you. Fr, no one can catch you. I'll break down the methods for you (Simplified). Hidden content Credits to I2rys
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    Tutorial Häçk someone with their IP alone (NOT WHAT YOU THINK)

    As always expect the unexpected, if you think you can't be häçked with your IP alone then think again. I'll show you some of the private methods I have created and known for free. 🫶 Hidden content
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    Tutorial UHQ How to know if someone PFP is authentic + Techniques. NO BS

    This is supposed to be private but I love you guys soo (Follow me)... 👉👈🫶 If you want to know if someone PFP is real or It's them, OR ITS PRIVATE. This tutorial is for you. P.S Mine is 100% authentic. Hidden content
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    There is always someone

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    Help Can Someone Help me with Messenger?

    Ganito lang po lumalabas pag naka landscape mode. Triny ko na inuninstall and install, una naging okay pa kasi yung bubble naging chat heads, tapos after ilang minutes naging bubble na ulit tpos bumalik. Ps. Naka off yung auto update ko sa playstore
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    Crypto Can someone help me to unfreeze the crypto account

    Help me to unfreeze the crypto account and wí†hdráw the same
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    Help Someone knows (ADDIE Model) badly need for acads

    Goodeve, wala kasi kaming makitang pwedeng reference sa research namin. Anyone knows kung paano gagawin at ilalagay sa conceptual framework using ADDIE Model?Mathematics research, validity ng instructional material na gagawin namin ang study. TIA
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    Fell in love with someone na malayo

    even though we never met, I fell in love when she told me her favorite song entitled "Happiness" by Rex orange county. i wish her the best!
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    Help How to unlike someone?

    may nakilala ako thru dating app, ngayon nag kakausap namn na kami sa messenger, he's cute I like himand na-cute-an namn din sya sakin he's a religous man, ako after 5years bago makapag simba (pero di namn ako masamang tao haha) lagi ko sya naiisip na, and nag aantay ng chat nya he's working in...
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    Has someone ρáíd for games with crypto already?

    I would be glad to spend some altcoins and i'm a gamer so it's a good choice for me. Recently found one platform which sells gift cards from PlayStation and Steam for crypto. It's calle Coinsbee. It seems like i can spend my altcoins (ltc and doge) on their website. They seem to be legit but...
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    Help Someone hired me on FacebookPromise to pay me $600

    Is this legitimate Chatted me ask me to post on market place house rentals on my Facebook market place Posted the rentals uploaded the photos and details. She promised to pay me on monday? Read about this scam on google Question am i being part of scam?
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    Help Someone Create FAKE Facebook Account

    Pa help naman po paano po ma delete yung gumawa ng fake account po? Except po sa report report yung mas mabilis na paraan po? Baka po kasi gamitin sa hindi maganda po. Thank you po
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    How do you Tell someone your feelings?

    I have a crush on a person for like 7 years already. We’ve been classmates since SHS up until now na 4th year college na kami. Every time someone flirts with him, I get mad. I think it’s time I make a move. 🤧 Advices, anyone?
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    Help Someone is selling me access to boosting services

    Is this real po mga master ? nagbebenta po siya ng access sa site for boosting purposes.
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    Someone You Loved (Cover).flac

    Hidden content
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    Miss Someone So Much

    🖼️ Ctto. 😭
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    LF: Someone

    Hidden content
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    Help Can someone help me

    can someone help me to download this link. thank you so muchhhh Answers.docx - Practicing COVID-19 Preventive Measures in the Workplace Question 1 Correct Mark 1.00 out of 1.00 Flag question Question text Fever dry | Course Hero
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    Help Sinusundan channel ng ssid ko everytime na mag papalit ako

    Pansin ko lang, ba't parang sinusundan yung wifi ko ng ssid nato everytime na ililipat ko ng channel yung akin. Any possible cause po kung bakit? Yung red yung sa router ko and yung purple yung sumusunod everytime na mag ch-change channel ako. Feel ko kase may häçker sa kapitbahay namin na...
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    Help Send money via gcash to someone without knowing the number?

    My boyfriend changed his number recently at di ko pa nasasave, he also made another gcash account using that number. I need to send him money but di ko pa nakukuha ang new number niya. He's gone somewhere na walang klarong signal for work kaya he's not yet responding sa messenger. Is there a way...
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    Looking nang magiging ka share sa bibilin na earning opportunity

    hello looking ako na kashare sa posible na bilin ko na ebook or business etc. Q: bakit shared ? A: para less babayaran and syempre ung kasama sa share parang naka discount na rin and pareho pa mageearn if successful and if not then parehas kaming olats Q: Legit ba to? A: Answer ko dito is yes...
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    Someone Somewhere

    🖼️ Ctto.
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    Can someone please show Openvpn websocket (Coudflare / Cloudfront Payload!!

    Please can someone show a template of openvpn websocket payload. Pure openvpn not with http proxy. Ps: I only speak English.